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Nothing stays the same. Eventually, all things change. So here are a few tourism facts related to Nigeria we bet you didn’t know about before now.

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Fly Air Rwanda to India and get a 20% discount on your economy and business class tickets if you book a trip to be taken between now and 10th December 2022, before 14th June 2022.

You can visit Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana with a Kaza Univisa. It costs roughly $50 per person and can grant you multiple entries into these countries for sightseeing. The Kaza Univisa functions like a Schengen visa, but it’s for a few African countries.  

If you come to Nigeria with a Nigerian passport that is about to expire, make sure you carry all your documents to renew it in Nigeria when you arrive, especially if you plan on staying long. If you want to return to your home-based country with their visa if your Nigerian passport has expired, make sure your foreign passport has a Nigerian visa stamped on it.

You can get a free hotel stay in Istanbul if your layover is over 12 hours even if you are an economy class passenger on Turkish Airlines. All you need is a valid Turkish visa on your Nigerian Passport. The hotel is outside the airport.  

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Direct flights to the UK can be expensive and consider transit through Amsterdam. To do this, you need to apply for an airport transit visa if you don’t have a Canadian, USA, or Schengen visa.

If you want to extend your Nigerian Visa beyond 30 days, take your passport to the NIS Immigration office (preferably at the airport) and get it stamped. You can do this yourself, but if you need a middleman, it will require a processing fee.

If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need a COVID Test (that is a negative PCR test) to travel to Canada, Nigeria, the UK, Maldives, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, UAE, Jordan, and South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. But since April, the authorities have changed the rules for Nigerians visiting the UAE. There is now a need to get a travel permit to visit Dubai. Fully vaccinated people pay N50,000 for it and non-fully vaccinated people pay N94,000. And this you may need to do after getting a COVID test from Dubai before you leave Nigeria, which costs 140 dirhams. Speak with a travel agent to confirm this before you book that flight to the UAE.

Traveling to Singapore for the first time does not need you to have a travel history. You can get a non-appearance e-visa to visit.

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If you want to send money to the USA, you can use any of these platforms: World Remit, Lemonade, Chipper, ShareMoney, Remitly, and Moneyfex. But if you want to send money to Nigeria, Afriex app or Sendwave. Do your research though, some only allow you to send in dollars while others accept Naira.

Keep your luggage/baggage pass with you when exiting the airport in Nigeria. It is a slip of paper that shows where you are coming from and going. It is also proof that you own the luggage you are passing through the airport with. And it may be required of you by the airline officials at the airport exit.

Which of these facts did you know before you read this article? And which extra facts do you think we should know about?


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This article was first published on 14th June 2022


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