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  Developing the right startup product that customers love is the hallmark of your business success. Take, for example, you developed software that helps B2Bs achieve peak performance in their accounting, the possibility of them repeatedly using your product is high.
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You must be very deliberate when developing and designing your product if you want to achieve iteration. In this article, I discuss how you can build a startup product that succeeds in the marketplace.
  • Prioritize Your Customers

Companies that put customers ahead when developing a product will certainly enjoy marketplace success. If your goal is simply to develop a product for the sake of developing, you are taking the wrong step. Conversely, if you are to solve a specific customer problem, then you will enjoy iteration. This is why you must align the minimum viable audience with a minimum viable product to achieve success in the marketplace. Developing a product that solves problems should be at the heart of production.  The long and short of this analysis is to take a customer-centric approach as opposed to a product-centric approach. Let the whole operation be about helping embattled customers solve their problems.
  • Build Strategic Startup Product Development Roadmaps

The roadmap is what directs you as an organization or an individual. The roadmap is all about planning and strategizing.
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How do you apply this in product development? For example, if you want to develop a cross-border payment solution for merchants, you have to consider the packaging, pricing, acceptability, usability, and affordability. You have to look at other products that exist and create something extraordinary for your market. More so, it is all about carving a niche by adopting strategies that are long-term and short-term that can keep you focused on delivering your product.  For example, the iPhone’s continuous update of its features is a strategy.
  • Create an Architecture and System Design That Works

The architecture consists of structures and systems that sustain the viability of the product. For instance, having a team of developers that continuously improve the quality of the product is an architectural structure that guarantees long-term product success.
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Also, having financial architecture, analytics and CRMs helps modern-day SaaS to remain relevant in the marketplace. For instance, having a financial architecture can help you execute maintenance on your product and carry out other activities that help in sustaining the product lifecycle. 
  • Focus on UX in Your Product Development Process

Having a tech-heavy product is not enough, but having a product that customers are comfortable with is the ultimate. Hence, User Experience (UX) must be at the core of product development. Many startups invest a great deal of time on a product but lose sight of easiness of use by customers. Design and creativity are not enough, but the ability of your user to be comfortable with your product is what matters. 

Final Words

Prioritization, strategy, roadmaps, architecture, and user experience are some of the basic components of an effective startup product development organization. To develop a product that guarantees business revenues and as well brand success, you must be customer-centric in your approach, build strategies that sustain the peak performance of the product, and help users get the best of your product. Featured Image Source: Connect Nigeria
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This article was first published on 4th July 2022


Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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