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Ondo State is a force to reckon with in the Nigerian tourism scene. The sunshine state is ideal for art and nature lovers. Ondo has lots of tourist attractions where tour activities thrive. If you want a quiet, private getaway location, this state has got you covered. Below are some popular tourist spots in Ondo: 

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1. Idanre Hills

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Amongst the many hills in Ondo, the Idanre hills stand tall. 3000 feet above sea level, getting to the peak of the hills is quite an adventure. There are about 682 steps with beautiful sitting areas for hikers to rest before getting to the top. The breathtaking view at the top is worth the hassle. You get to see the Owa’s Palace and the Agboogun footprint amongst others. Idanre Hills have a mystical aura that is alluring. Its beautiful landscape and topography is rivalled in pale comparison only by Aghagha Hill (also in Ondo State) which emits smoke throughout the year.

2. Owo Museum of Antiquities

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Home to the ivory carvings, bronze, brass works and archaeological artefacts of the Owo people and their neighbours, this museum is a national treasure. Culture lovers and historians will love this chance to learn about the culture of the Owo, Benin and Ile Ife people here. Located in Owo town, this museum is worth checking out if you are visiting the state for the first time.

3. Cave Ashes

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Located in Isharun town, along Akure-Ilesha Expressway, the Cave Ashes, also called Iho-Eleeru Cave, holds evidence of homo sapiens remains from 9200 BC. Upon further excavation, the site produced pottery works dating as far back as 1000 BC. The cave floor is covered in silt with artefacts like cutting tools and pottery shards used by prehistoric man lying around in it. Its exterior is surrounded by a forest and different rocks of varying sizes and peculiarity. If you are adventurous, try exploring this cave.    

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4. Ebomi Lake Tourist Centre

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This lake is in a pristine forest, 1.6km long and 40m wide, and is found in Ipesi town, not too far from Akure the state capital. It is great for exploring nature and discovering history and cultural tourism. You know how people take boat rides at Epe, you can do the same here despite the canopy of dense forests. Ebomi Lake has a historical antecedent tied to protecting the locals in that region.  

5. Smoking Hills Golf Course

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The golf course has 140 acres of hilly moulds covered in the fog which makes it an irresistible sight. The beauty and serenity of the environment is picturesque. Who wouldn’t want a snapshot with a neat, evergreen landscape? It is located in Ilara Mokin town which is just a 15 minute drive from Akure. You might find a video shoot or wedding taking place at the course besides beginners learning how to play. A trip to Ondo would not be complete without a visit to this golf course. 

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This article was first published on 28th January 2020


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