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Anambra state is full of tourist attractions from Caves, to forest wildlife, art centres and more. Below are some places you should visit if you are ever in that part of Nigeria’s South East:

1. Ogbunike Cave 

Ogbunike Cave – Afro Tourism

This popular tourist site is on the UNESCO Tentative list because of its rich biodiversity. It is shrouded by a dense forest and has an impressive warm waterfall that flows into the cold River Nkissa. The locals believe the cave’s waters have healing properties. Some tunnels in this dark and scary cave require visitors to crawl through barefooted. Every year, a festival (Ime Ogbe) is held in honour of the cave and its ‘spirits’. If adventure is your thing, this is your spot.

2. Onitsha Market 

Onitsha Main Market- Market Voices
Onitsha Main Market

The biggest market in West Africa is worth seeing. Though crowded with lots of umbrella sheds for kiosk, the range of Nigerian made products found here will blow your mind. It is also the site for some events and festivals held in the state. For those shopping in bulk, this is a business tourism hotspot.

3. River Niger Bridge 

Onitsha Head Bridge – Scout

Driving from Asaba to Onitsha on this landmark bridge with a view of River Niger as your backdrop is something every visitor to Onitsha, one of the business hub cities of Anambra, should do.

4. The Still Iyiocha Lake 

The Still Iyiocha Lake – Ottourism

This is our very own Dead sea in Amaokpala town with no signs of aquatic life and no case of drownings. In 2004, the lake mysterious drained out and by the time it returned months later, it had changed its course. The indigenes have folklore on why this happened. It is a tale every tourist would love to hear. Iyiocha Lake is worth checking out.

5. Obu Ofo-Nri Museum 

An Artwork from Obu Ofo-Nri Museum – Idonsabi

This is the only private museum in the south-east. It was set up by Eze Nri of Enugwu-Ukwu (in Njikoka LGA) to entertain tourists with a broad range of artworks. It is located in Nri town in Aniocha LGA.

6.  Rojenny Tourist Village 

Rojenny Tourist Village – My Guide Nigeria

This tourist destination in Oba, Idemili South LGA (along Owerri-Onitsha Expressway), has a Swimming Pool, Zoo, Museum, Restaurants, Amusement Park, and sports recreational facilities like tennis courts and a stadium. It even has live-in accommodation for sleepovers.  

7. Agulu Lake 

Agulu Lake – Anaedoonline

The immaculate white and sometimes algae green Agulu Lake is found along Awka road in Agulu town, Aniocha Local Government Area of the state. This potential tourist site is home to water turtles and about three hundred crocodiles of different species which are considered sacred. Fishing is forbidden here but at least you can go skiing and get boat rides as a tourist. The folklore and trado-spiritual beliefs surrounding this lake make it a landmark for cultural tourism.

8. Ogba Ukwu Cave and Waterfall 

Ogba Ukwu Caves – Guardian NG

The Ogba waterfall is in front of the Ogba Ukwu cave and it flows from a gigantic limestone rock formation as its source. It forms a rainbow colour as it falls on the pile of rocks below. This is a sight worth seeing. We can locate it in Owerre Ezukala town in Orumba South LGA. It is a major tourist attraction in the state.

9. The Palace of the Obi of Onitsha (AKA Ime Obi)

The Palace of the Obi of Onitsha – Hotels NG

The residence of the Igwe, the traditional ruler and head of the Onitsha Kingdom is in Onitsha LGA. Its architecture is reminiscent of the colonial era. In the compound is a gallery displaying statues of previous rulers, and artworks of cultural importance. The palace has a large space where people gather to celebrate during festivals.

There are lots of other places we couldn’t mention in this article. Places such as the Osomari Forest reserveIdemili cultural centre, the Odinani museum Nri-full of archaeological discoveries with religious and traditional artefacts, the Ekwuluimili botanical and herbal garden and the Nanka natural springs. But we hope as you explore Anambra state, you will come back to tell us more in the comments below. 

Featured Image Source: Scouts

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This article was first published on 8th August 2019


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