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In the Centre of Commerce, Kano State, tourism is not far behind. We may know Kano for its commerce, but as one of the oldest states created in Nigeria, there is a lot more to it for tourists to explore.  

Here are 4 things you can do if you ever visit Kano:

1. See the Landmarks

Image result for kofar mata dye pits
Kofar Matar dyeing pit – Asiri Madazine

There are lots of places that come to mind when the words ‘Kano’ and ‘tourism’ unite. These include the 50 feet 14th-century Kano Walls, the 13th-century Emir’s Palace, and the Kofar Matar dyeing pits. There’s also the Kurmi Market created in the 15th century during the trans-Sahara slave trade, and the Kano National Museum (Gidan Makama). In these places, you will see amazing architecture, the depth of Kano’s history, lessons on the art of indigo cloth dyeing, carvings/sculptures, calabashes, ancient pieces of jewellery, pottery, brass works, and leather products.

Other places to visit include the Mallam Kato Square, the Kano Golf Club, the Porto Golf Resort, Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Roxy Amusement Park, Hills and Valleys Amusement Park, the National Gallery of Arts, and Ado Bayero Mall. You may need more than a day to see all these places.

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2. Explore Nature

Image result for tiga dam
Tiga Dam – EnviroNews Nigeria

From Tiga Dam to Dala Hill, Audu Bako Zoo, and Falgore Game Reserve, nature lovers are in for great fun in Kano. You can go hiking, swimming, game viewing, boating, bird watching, and fishing in these destinations. The type of wildlife you can see at Abu Zoo or Falgore Reserve include lions, ostrich, hyenas, camels, zebras, and hippopotamuses. In addition, families can have picnics at Gordon Dutse Hill.

3. Go on a Food Tour

Speaking of picnics, you can get a wide range of food options in Kano. Eat the legendary tuwo shinkafa, pumpkin-seed soup (miyan taushe), and other local delicacies at restaurants like Al-Amir and Chophouses.

There are also spots where you can enjoy intercontinental dishes; these include Chinese meals at Fasania, Italian at La Locanda restaurants, Lebanese at Calypso in Prince Hotel, and Indian vegetarian at Spice Food. Of course, fast-food joints like Mr Biggs and Tantalizers are also available if your taste buds aren’t adventurous.

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4. Experience Kano City

Image result for kano durbar
Kano Durbar – Finelib

Usually, we would advise a city tour but sometimes driving around doesn’t allow you to have a feel of a location. Kano City is one of those places where moving around on foot, interacting with the locals, or going on a food tour is just what you need. If you are privileged to witness the Kano Durbar Festival (aka Hawan Sallah), don’t just be a spectator. It is the largest procession of colourfully adorned horses in the world, with celebrants in colourful regalia. You can even dress up in their local attire complete with the henna and hairdo, just for the fun of it. Don’t just visit Kano, immerse yourself in it.

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This article was first published on 10th November 2019


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