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Kogi is the state with the most colonial history. At Lokoja, its capital, the River Niger and River Benue meet at the central point forms the ‘Y’ on our coat of arms, a feature that is integral to the identity of Nigeria. The confluence state has unique features that amp up its tourism potential. Here are some other attractions in the state.

Mount Patti

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This plateau towers over the capital city of Lokoja with a height of about 15 km. It is ideal for hiking, mountaineering, and camping out at the plateau top. Also, it’s great for enjoying the panoramic view of the confluence where the murky brown River Niger meets the light green waters of River Benue before journeying together into the delta. Moreover, it houses Lord Lugard’s residence at the top and gives a scenic view of the entire town of Lokoja.

National Museum of Colonial History

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This upraised building is one of the best places to learn more about the colonial era. It houses relics from that era and records from that administration. You also get to see a photographic exhibition gallery of the colonial era. It is a treasure trove of information, a historian’s paradise.

Awo Tunnel

This one-kilometre tunnel is for adventurers who want to walk the path taken by the royal family during the 18th century wars in Idah. The people used it as a hideout from their enemies during the reign of Onoja Obani.  

World War Cenotaph

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Just like the one in the National Museum Benin City, the cenotaph in Lokoja is dedicated to the fallen war heroes of the two world wars. Mounted on a massive concrete block is an old artillery and beside it are light canons and machine guns. The names of the heroes who stood out from the pack are written on tables on the side of the cenotaph.

Osome Falls

You don’t need to travel too far to the Afi Mountains or the Gurara Falls when you have this cool spot. Osome Falls makes its way through various igneous rocks and drops into a valley from a height of 50km with a thunderous sound that can be heard miles away. It is located in Okene.

Iron Liberty

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Close to the banks of River Niger is a spot known as the Iron of Liberty where slaves who touched its irons were set free. This refuge is an important monument from the slave trade era. Word has it it is also the resting place of Bishop Ajayi Crowther. It now resides in the premises of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Lokoja.

Ebira Palace

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This gorgeous sprawling red-brick palace of the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland is a must-see. The imposing building was built in 1927 and combines both modern and ancient architecture. It is also a great place to learn more about the Ebira people, one of the three major ethnic groups in Kogi State. It is located in Okene.

There are a lot of other remarkable spots to check out on a city tour in Kogi State. They include the Agbaja Plateau, the Egeneja Warm Spring, Kpata Rocks, and Koton-Karfe Cave amongst others.

Feature image source: Newshelmboss – Nairaland

If you’re new to Kogi, here’s a helpful guide to places.

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This article was first published on 23rd September 2019


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