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Kwara State is known as the state of harmony. Though not top on most tourists’ list, this state has some cool attractions besides being a diverse multicultural place. If you are wondering what to do when in Kwara, fret not, we’ve got you covered.

Go on an adventure


Go for a canopy walkway in the University of Ilorin or camp at the Kainji Lake National Park in Baruten which stretches into Borgu in Niger State. The park is filled with biodiverse flora and fauna and is also a great place for birdwatching. You could drive to the Ningurume Fish Pond, also in Baruten, to see if the fishes are really adorned with earrings and to watch people use calabash to fetch water from the sacred pond.

You can also target the annual Pategi Regatta; it’s a Nupe Festival which dates back to the 50s and it takes place around October. Here you can engage in swimming, canoe paddling and fishing competitions. And if you are up for a food tour, visit a local joint like Iya Yusuf and eat a proper Yoruba meal.

Visit natural landmarks

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People may underrate Kwara State on the Nigerian tourism scene but there are loads of tourist attractions here. If you want to go rock climbing or just hike up a hill, you can do that at Imoleboja Rock Shelter in Oke-Ero; Agbonna Hills and Cave in Share town, Ifelodun; and Watana Rock and Sobi Hill in Ilorin; amongst others.

But if chasing waterfalls appeals to you then visit Owu Falls in Isin LGA. Its 120m drop into an icy watery depth is astonishing to see and if you are brave enough, you can go swimming in it. There are other falls in Kwara such as Ero-Omola Falls in Ilorin, and Ahoyaya and Owe Kajita Falls in Jebba. There are also beaches to chill at. Ubo Aiyegun Lake in Oke-Ero or Pategi beach in Pategi are just right. With its boulders along the sandy shores of River Niger, Pategi Beach is a lovely place to hang out any time.

If you want a more relaxed atmosphere for alone or family time, Succoth Garden in Ilorin might just be the place for you.

Learn about history or a skill

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It could be a skill, history of the state or both. Whatever you choose, ensure you don’t leave Kwara without increasing your knowledge base. If architecture is your thing, visit the Olofa Palace in Offa LGA to see both modern and ancient architectural elements. You could visit the Dada Pottery Workshop in Ilorin East LGA and learn how to create traditional clay pots using old African technique.

For history, you can visit Jebba Town in Moro LGA to see sites like the Mungo Park Cenotaph, or the SSDAY Spring wreckage. There’s also the National Museum Esie (House of Images) in Irepodun to visit. It is believed to have the largest number of stone images in Africa and this unique soapstone collection tells of an older civilization discovered in 1775.

A visit to the Adin Black Soap factory in Oke-Ero could be your path to learning how to make black soap. Furthermore, aso-oke weavers sprawl the cities in Kwara, particularly in Ilorin metropolis and Ifelodun. Here, you can learn more about how to make aso-oke using traditional techniques indigenous to Nigeria. These items are now being exported to the international market and visiting the manufacturing source is a great way to learn a skill for extra income.

Though understated, Kwara has a lot to offer tourists. So put it on your travel agenda today. 

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New to Kwara? Let this directory guide you.

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