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handbill 1   It is safe to say that there are very few people who are fond of insects. Have you ever wondered if there is a sustainable way to keep them out aside from endlessly spraying repellents and fumigating? Inesfly Africa has created a range of products which includes paint, that will keep insects out of your home for years to come. In this exclusive interview, Connect Nigeria finds out more about their business. CN: What does your business do and how does it solve people’s problems? IA: Inesfly Africa limited are the sole distributors of a range of products which controls vectors. Inesfly insecticide paint is one of these vector control products which brings innovative and long term treatments to homes, agricultural sectors, hospitality sectors and public health sectors by controlling insect pests and arthropods which transmit endemic diseases including malaria, dengue fever, chagas disease and other allergies caused by insect bites. CN: Where was the idea for Inesfly birthed from? IA: Inesfly insecticide paint was invented by a Spanish scientist, Dr. Pilar Mateo. Her aim is to help eradicate diseases caused by insect vectors and arthropods that transmit diseases in tropical Africa as well as the world especially in areas/communities where healthcare facilities are not easily accessible or present. CN: Is your product easy to market? IA: Inesfly products are very easy to market because they are very effective products that help in the control of vectors which are mostly the major causes of diseases and health challenges in most parts of Africa. CN: What would you say has been your greatest challenge since starting your business? IA: Our greatest challenge since we started our business is the issue of product falsification. Therefore, we are working on implementing a mobile authentication process on our products. CN: What motivates you? IA: We are motivated by the fact that the quality of life of people is improved through our disease control products and also by creating jobs opportunities for the youths. CN: What would you say was the defining moment that took your vision from a dream to reality? Our defining moment that took our vision from a dream to reality was when our products obtained all necessary approvals from regulatory bodies. This gave us the go-ahead to promote our products in Africa. CN: Who are your target audience? IA: Our target audience are everyone at all levels of life, most especially people living at the grass root areas. CN: Do you have any plans for corporate social responsibility? If yes, what are they? IA: Yes, we do have corporate social responsibility initiatives. We already have some NGOs, namely: Pilar Mateo Foundation (CYCA), which is focused on fighting against endemic diseases such as Malaria and Chagas; MOMIM (Indigenous Women of the World Movement), focused on defending human rights and rights to freedom of all indigenous women, and AWA (African Women against Malaria), focused on engaging and empowering Africa women to fight against endemic diseases like Malaria. CN: If you had to give three business tips to any person considering starting a business in this industry, what would it be? IA: Our 3 business tips: Consistency, integrity and excellent customer service/relationship CN: If you were given capital to further your business, where would you invest it? IA: If capital is given to further our business, it will be invested in building Inesfly factories here in Nigeria. CN: How do you organise yourselves so that you aren’t overwhelmed? IA: We organise ourselves by planning ahead of time. CN: What are your plans for the next few years? Our plan for the next few years is to build Inesfly factories in Nigeria for easier accessibility and distribution of our products as well as create more job opportunities for Nigerian youths. Connectnigeria_Inesfly CN: What role does the internet play in your business? IA: The internet will greatly help us for advertisement/ updates of our products and cccessibility between us and our clients. CN: Would you like to expand outside of Africa? Our business has been in the African market for some years now. A standard factory was built in Accra, Ghana in 2011 to serve the African Market and we plan to build more factories here in Nigeria.   Address:Plot 1A, Hakeem Dickson Drive, Off Kuboye street, Alternative link road, Lekki phase 1 Lekki , Lagos Phone Number:+23414546686  

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This article was first published on 8th November 2014

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  • please where do I get this product in Nigeria if possible Cross River State, Nigeria.

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