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  Providing the right information to the right people or organization essentially lifts them from a state of slow growth or no growth to a state where they are able to turn information into opportunities.
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As important as the right information is, the right community brings about comfortability, credibility, and trust. Now, what if you could find everything you need on a single platform for your business to grow? That is being part of a closely knitted business community that serves as a one-stop-shop for all the information your business needs to scale up. Indeed, you can say those days of running around in search of information about business growth are over. Accordingly, Connect Nigeria, an organization that has been influential in the success of Nigerians and Nigerian businesses, has launched Club Connect.

What Is Club Connect?

Club Connect is a business community that offers businesses and business owners access to information, deals, as well as products and services. Similarly, Businesses and business owners can network, partner, and gain clients that can help their companies grow. For the past 12 years we have been helping businesses start, grow and scale with the events we organize, the information we give out and the connections we help them make, now we have created a community that can do much more for businesses.
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Importantly, this business community will help you achieve faster and for less. How? We have partners that will give you products and services at a discount, consultants to help you navigate your growth, and mentors that will hold your hands while you build. Significantly, the platform provides ease to its subscribers, who can choose from a wide range of products and services, all at the best price. Our consultants and mentors come at a fee, but they are highly subsidized. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and experience the soft life way of doing business. We are signing partners daily; a group of people that will be your advocates. They will help amplify your products and we are also developing products that will effectively serve our subscribers. Fundamentally, Club Connect does all the heavy lifting for you by providing information. Here, all you need to do is relax, connect, and gain access to everything your business needs to grow. Don’t you think it’s worth it?
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Features Of Club Connect

  1. Training and Events.
  2. Opportunities and Grants.
  3. Deals and Discounts.
  4. Mentoring.

Benefits Of Club Connect

  1. Advertising, Brand Visibility, and lead generation.
  2. Business Partnerships with Club members.
  3. Business Funding Opportunities.
  4. Discounted consulting services.
  5. Amazing Deals that save you money while helping you accomplish your goals
  6. Training & seminars that help you network and give your business the recognition it deserves.
  7. Business Support and lots more.

Subscription Plans

Monthly Plan – Ten Thousand Naira Yearly Plan – Sixty Thousand Naira at a 50% massive discount! To subscribe, click here
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This article was first published on 10th May 2022


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