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  Our planet needs saving, neglect has led to the rise in temperatures currently distorting our health, food security, air pollution, and a 46% rise in climate-related disasters, if we do not take conscious, intentional steps in addressing the adverse effects of climate change, it will put the whole of mankind in serious danger. The African continent as a whole has a lot of doubt and misbeliefs about the existence of climate change. At this point, it will be unwise and more dangerous to doubt climate change as there is evidence that shows that we face the brunt of the repercussions. Now is the time for collective climate action; and only together can we combat the challenges of climate change. To ensure maximum community engagement has launched a digital media campaign tagged #CleanbuildVoices. The campaign is aimed at uniting the voices of young people, stakeholders, and governments across Africa to educate, advocate, and take meaningful actions towards stemming the harmful effects of climate change. The power of social media and the digital space has been massive in social reforms – case in point, BlacklivesMatter in the U.S and the #EndSARS movement in Nigeria. Cleanbuild aims to use the same approach in making every African digital citizen conscious and actively involved in fighting climate change. How the #CleanbuildVoices campaign works Do you know how we plan different activities for the different days of the week? I mean, for many professionals, Friday- #TGIF- has been designated to be the official start of a weekend. Following that same pattern, has planned exciting and amazing specials for each day of the week that is designed to drive climate action in an engaging and fun way while taking the issue seriously. Because we love you our dear community and trust that you’ll engage, check out what our weekly calendar holds for all as you also participate. Featured Image Source:
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This article was first published on 9th September 2021

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