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In 2022, content creation is undoubtedly a lucrative field thanks to the buzz surrounding the industry and the large investments from venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and independent creators.

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Every year, different categories of content creators from writers to social media influencers and videographers, earn millions of dollars in revenue. But Africans make up a tiny percentage of these creators. Unlike their global counterparts, African creators make little to no profit from monetising their craft. 

This failure of African creators to appear on the global map is due to a shortage of local platforms that can connect African creators to the global audience. Ckrowd, a content streaming platform, has emerged to solve this problem by providing creators with more reach and the opportunity to offer unique content experiences to their customers at profitable rates. 

CKrowd: Another Post-COVID Innovation 

Ckrowd was founded by Olukayode Adebayo in November 2020. Prior to this, Adebayo had started a media outfit KAM Africa targeted at helping creatives understand the business aspect of their craft. However, as he pursued this idea, he realised that these prospective businesses needed to be in touch with each other to grow. As a result, KAM Africa created Amfest, a festive event that brings African creative entrepreneurs together. It didn’t take long for Amfest to scale out from Nigeria to Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and even Dubai. 

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Although Amfest was a success, it revealed a deeper problem affecting creative enterprises.
“We started building business partnerships with other platforms and scaled very fast. It was in the process of supporting the sector that we found out that many of these talents that are now enterprises had a problem with anything that doesn’t involve physical human interaction,”
Adebayo told TechCabal.
“At the point of this discovery, COVID-19 happened and it became even clearer as most of them were left without income. So, there was a need to bring them online.”

The isolating nature of the pandemic left them with no choice but to come up with a solution that would facilitate online communication between creative businesses and their customers. 

How Ckrowd Works

The platform allows creatives to distribute their content directly to local and worldwide consumers in the fields of education, information, and entertainment in the form of short films and live streams

Creators can Livestream their material on Ckrowd and post on-demand content. They also have complete control over their spaces and how they wish to be compensated—per view or subscription. Ckrowd allows artists to establish their own prices and generate money as they go. It also allows viewers to pay for content in a variety of ways, all from within the site.

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This article was first published on 11th March 2022


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