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A role model can simply be referred to as someone you look up to and desire to be like. Anyone can become your role model depending on what you believe in and the standards you judge them by. Usually, most people choose their role models by measuring their success in a chosen field and comparing it to what they themselves want to achieve. Your role model should be someone you believe in and trust to make the right decisions in whichever situation they are in. There are a lot of successful and inspiring people out there, but how will you choose your own role model? The following tips should help:

1. Know what you want: It is said that one of the most important decisions to make is to decide what you actually want from life. The inability of an individual to make up his mind about what he wants to be may hinder or slow down his success. Nobody can tell you what you want, as this is a decision that should come from your own mind. So, to choose your role model, you need to find out what you want first.

2. Know how to get it: Once you have made up your mind about what you want from life, whether it is money, fame or knowledge, the next thing is to figure out how to get it. This is where you study people who already have the same thing you want and then try to emulate them. A lot of successful individuals did not just get there without hard work and unyielding challenges. To choose your role model, you should find out how to get what you want from life by understanding people who already have.

3. Identify weaknesses and strengths: So maybe you finally decided to be a famous actor and you already know how most superstars made it, the next thing to do is to find out their strengths and weaknesses and try not to make the same mistakes they did. Although your role model may not be a perfect person, it is important to know how to avoid the mistakes they must have made during the course of their development.

4. Choose: By now you should have some people in mind, the final step is simply to choose which one of the individuals inspires you best. Once you have assessed their strengths, weaknesses, challenges and methods they used to get to the top, you can then decide whether they are good enough to be your role model or not. Remember that a role model has to be someone that inspires you to work hard and never give up no matter the problems being faced.

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This article was first published on 4th December 2016


Opoola Jelifat is a young and passionate writer. She holds a B.Sc degree in Microbiology and enjoys reading, cooking and writing on real life issues. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree at the University of Ibadan. Contact her on, and via Twitter and facebook by clicking the icons below.

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