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The Working-class in Nigeria is paid monthly. A system that may or may not be an issue for some. For the former, the person may have several needs to be met. And as such can’t purchase some items without saving several months for them. Another option would be to get a loan through banks and fintech platforms. These options may either be difficult to access or have very high-interest rates that people cannot usually afford to pay back. Thus, people like this may resort to buying substandard products because they can’t afford to pay the full price of the products they need. Then enters BNPL platforms.

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As a person, your purchasing power is tied to your income. BNPL platforms ease the stress on every purchase. You are still required to pay interest on every purchase. A buy now pay later option with no interest may sound like a fairy tale. But that’s exactly what cdcare is doing. 

Cdcare is an online marketplace where you can buy gadgets and appliances and pay in instalments with zero interest. Its payment plan allows buyers to buy products at normal market prices and spread payments according to the frequency of their salaries. The products are delivered when you must have completed the first half of the instalments period. For example, if it is a 12-month spread, you will get your goods when you pay for the 6th month. The 12-month spread is not compulsory. You can also spread the payments over 2, 3, 4 months etc. That way you buy appliances and gadgets at normal market prices without feeling the stress of spending money. 

How to start

1. Download cdcare from your phone’s AppStore and register an account.

2. Browse through their wide range of products and select your choice. Follow the prompts to choose the instalment type and duration. Then proceed to start your instalments.

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3. Your item will be delivered before full payment in the middle of your instalment period (50% instalment).


You are required to do the following:

1. Be consistent with your instalment.

2. Have and send the screenshot of a valid means of ID before delivery (OR a means of identification will be requested for when the product is due for delivery).

3. Make at least one payment with your card before collecting your item.

Cdcare has sold over 15,000 products to over 7,000 people across Nigeria. And intends to add cars to its merchandise. The car financing or buy and pay small small’ for cars is part of its bid to scale its services.

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Cdcare plans to partner with car brands like Innoson Motors and Toyota to make this happen. Again, it will also partner with real estate companies so people can start making payments for a house and save up to own when they completed payments. For geographical expansion, it wants to start from Ghana and move into other African countries.

Bottom line

Cdcare marketplace wants to be the one-stop shop for gadgets and appliances in Africa. That is a place where anyone no matter their occupation can get their appliances and gadgets. Thus, if you ever need to buy a gadget or an appliance, start by downloading the cdcare app. It’s available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and also as a web application.

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This article was first published on 8th July 2022


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