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Webstructures Communications is an Information Technology company based in Lagos. It provides a variety of technology-driven solutions to companies, government agencies, and other organizations. The range of services it offers includes web development, mobile marketing, software development, and live event streaming.

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In just a decade, Webstructures has built up a repertoire of achievements in its engagement with clients spanning multiple industries. And as more Nigerians seek the help of technology to tackle an ever-increasing array of challenges, the company has seen its customer base grow. This trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

AbayomiAkinpelu founded Webstructures and began running it as CEO in 2013 (although he had incorporated it in 2007). In the years that followed, he has grown it by leveraging his skills and extensive experience in IT and communications—which comprises more than three decades of continuous work within that industry.

Prior to setting up Webstructures, he had served as an executive in several firms, including De Haastrup Communications, Global Crown Nigeria Limited, and ITN (Independent Telephone Network). He is currently a member of the board of multiple organizations, such as Ritemate Solutions, Zinovi Foundation, Solutions NG, and White Lion Entertainment.

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One of Webstructures’ better-known service packages is Live Event Streaming, full photography and live event streaming production service. It consists of digital video production, pictorial, drone camera, and post-production offerings. The streaming service is available on social media platforms, such as Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Besides rendering these services, Webstructures also sets up online radio and TV and produces TV commercials and music videos as well. It promises an all-encompassing solution for brands seeking to amplify their presence across several media channels.

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The company is active on other fronts of Information Technology. It develops websites and web applications for businesses that want to be accessed via the internet. It also builds mobile apps, creates online videos, and undertakes voice programming.

Webstructures is carving out a space in Nigeria’s fast-evolving technology ecosystem. The broad collection of services that it delivers makes it a preferred solutions provider for organizations that want a full suite of brand-creating and elevating offerings. It could emerge as a top player in Nigeria’s IT scene in the not too distant future.

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This article was first published on 11th July 2022


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