Businesses in Nigeria are increasingly reliant on IT solutions to drive their operations. From internal and customer-facing communication to data storage and processing, there’s a lot that organizations in the country are gaining from deploying Information technology products.
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Many IT service companies have sprung up to meet the needs of companies in this area. Some of them have been set up just recently. But a few have lasted decades, and have become household names in Nigeria’s technology industry. Resourcery is an IT services firm that belongs in the latter category. Leveraging on its competencies in business applications and communications solutions, as well as computing, storage, and managed services, it has helped numerous businesses in Nigeria to fashion and upgrade the technologies they require to operate efficiently. Founded in 1985, Resourcery began as a small firm serving a limited number of clients. Over the years, it’s grown significantly, thanks to the skill and foresight of its management team. Today, the company delivers products and services to its clients from its offices in Lagos and Abuja, as well as Accra in Ghana. In the time since its founding, it has transited from a privately-held establishment to a publicly owned organization with more than a thousand shareholders having a stake in it (the transition took place in 2008). Much of its expansion has been fueled in part by this move. The services on offer from Resourcery range from business voice and video solutions to network infrastructure solutions, as well as voice and video solutions, among others. Its range of products has expanded over the years, with more added to its suite of solutions as growing demand for them is detected. Through its subsidiary (TriVersa), Resourcery provides business application solutions to numerous businesses. This aspect of its operations involves assisting firms with the implementation of solutions from such vendors as Microsoft, SAS, EMC, HP, and Oracle. The products cover a wide range of needs: analytics, business intelligence, data management, enterprise solutions, and IT security. The business voice and video products available from Resourcery include IP telephony (which makes voice calls over the internet possible), call and contact centre (communication system for resolving customer issues and tracking staff interaction with customers), video conferencing, Digital Media Systems (DMS), and unified communication (which links voice, video, data, and mobile applications).
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Resourcery’s computing and storage solutions are built to enable the efficient utilization of computing resources. They range from server virtualization and consolidation to cloud computing, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Backup and archiving services are on offer as well. Resourcery assists its clients with acquiring a diverse collection of network infrastructure solutions, which span the entirety of a typical contemporary network system. These include cabling, routing and switching, clean power, surveillance, and access control systems, and data centres. The company is known to have implemented one of the largest data centres in sub-Saharan Africa. Besides these, Resourcery also delivers data security solutions. These cover network security, network admission control, two-factor authentication, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) solutions, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), security information centre, and information security audit. The company offers support for client IT infrastructure too, including network, security, manpower, and helpdesk support. In the past couple of decades, Resourcery has won several awards for the work it does, especially from its international partners. These include the Cisco Partner of the Year English West Africa (2009), Cisco Security Excellence Award for Africa and the Levant (2010), and Cisco Best Integrated Marketing Campaign (2013).
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This article was first published on 2nd December 2021


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