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  Kings Court Realtors is a real estate firm headquartered in Lagos. The company develops, manages, leases, and sells property of various types in some of Nigeria’s major cities. It also finances the purchase of property, manages facilities, and provides real estate valuation services.
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As one of the larger real estate firms in the country, Kings Court Realtors takes on major projects on its clients’ behalf and works with them to facilitate investments in choice locations in urban Nigeria. It also maintains the property. While it targets diverse markets, its client base largely consists of High Net Worth Individuals and institutional interests. Kings Court Realtors was established in the year 2000. It is a sister company of Emeka Okoronkwo Associates, a Real Estate Survey and Valuation firm named after its founder (who is also the CEO of Kings Court Realtors). In just over two decades, it has made a name for itself as a top player in an industry whose turf is challenging by design. Despite the large capital outlays required to make a significant impression in the space, the company has scored several successes with its various undertakings. One of the services on offer from Kings Court Realtors is its advisory function, especially with respect to real estate buying decisions. It provides advice to its clients about finding, buying, marketing, investing in, and selling residential property. This service is available for high-value structures in Lagos (districts on the island and mainland) and parts of Abuja and Port Harcourt. Thanks to its relationship with mortgage lenders and other financial institutions, Kings Court Realtors is also able to help its clients to finance their purchases. It makes financing possible for primary or second homes, residential investment and development, commercial property, and property portfolios. Parties looking to connect with potential buyers for their piece of real estate can work with Kings Court Realtors to achieve this. The company boasts an online platform that’s accessible to millions of people and is responsive to a broad variety of devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers). In addition, it can promote its property across multiple highly visible social media accounts, as well as real estate magazines, journals, and newspapers. Kings Court Realtors surveys and values property too, and delivers consultancy reports on residential and commercial real estate of all kinds all over Nigeria. This function is considered important by landlords who want to determine the market value of their holdings. According to Kings Court, its valuation surveyors are professionals accredited by the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV).
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Besides offering these services, Kings Court Realtors also manages residential property for its clients. This covers the entire letting process, from pre-tenancy cleaning to negotiations with tenants prior to their moving into the property. This service also involves working with utility suppliers, arranging for repairs and maintenance, and organizing payments. Nigeria’s real estate industry continues to expand, as the country’s population demands more living and working spaces. As long as this need exists, companies like Kings Court Realtors will be on hand to meet them. Featured Image Source: Kings Court Realtors
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This article was first published on 22nd December 2022


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