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Inlaks is an ICT system and infrastructure provider with a presence in Nigeria and several other African countries. The company provides core banking, data centre infrastructure management, enterprise, and e-payments solutions to clients in multiple sectors.

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It serves some of the largest businesses in the banking, oil and gas, telecommunications, distribution, and utility industries. It also deploys commercial software to numerous multinational companies. The size and spread of its client base make it one of the top IT firms in Nigeria.

Founded in 1982, Inlaks has evolved from simply being a player in a burgeoning IT sector to becoming a leader in the industry across West Africa. This growth has happened over the course of forty years. This fact doesn’t make its rise less impressive. It has survived through many economic booms and busts and has outlived several rivals.

A big part of Inlaks’ business is its resale of banking and enterprise software packages. For example, it is the sole distributor of the Temenos T24 Banking System in Sub-Saharan Africa. This application enables banks to function 24/7 without their operations shutting down. It also supplies other versions of this product, including one for smaller banking institutions.

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Another solution that Inlaks provides is Moody’s Analytics Enterprise Risk Management system. This package helps businesses with market risk, liquidity risk, balance sheet planning, and credit rating solutions. Users of this tool can choose and work with any of the risk management modules that it offers.

As part of its enterprise business, Inlaks delivers cloud solutions to businesses that need them. These solutions range from Software as a Service (SaaS) and Business Intelligence, to Network Security and Backup or Archive. The company offers both Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure products.

Besides equipping its clients with software solutions, Inlaks also helps them with their data centre operations. It provides the essential features of a modern data centre, including power infrastructure, network infrastructure, thermal management, CCTV, and round-the-clock availability. These features ensure that its clients can continue their data processing activities uninterrupted.

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Outside of its IT concerns, Inlaks supplies solar solutions to institutional and private customers. It provides them with solar modules, solar charge controllers, inverters and inverter chargers, deep cycle batteries, solar lightening, solar refrigeration, solar water pumping, and solar accessories.

Inlaks also helps financial institutions with cash accepting ATMs, cash dispensing ATMs, Mobile ATMs, and Financial Kiosks. There’s the MoniManager product as well, which makes complicated ATM operations easier. Taken together, these products provide bill payment, fund transfer, mini-statements, balance enquiry, cash withdrawal, and loan approval services.

Some of Inlaks’ clients include Nigeria’s central bank and 18 other banks within the country. Outside of Nigeria, the company serves financial institutions in six West African countries. It also has a presence in East Africa, with its operations in that region headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.

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This article was first published on 20th May 2022


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