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  Formplus was founded by Longe Olubusayo in 2014 to assist companies to compile and evaluate data from their customers who are online and offline.
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The importance of Formplus to organizing business data cannot be overestimated. Form plus a lot of features that can help you automate your business and boost growth. First, Formplus operates on No-Code form features. With 20+ field samples and hundreds of form templates, you too can develop beautiful well-tailored online forms in no time. With this No-Code form, you can compute scores, collect signatures, and receive files with responsive online forms optimized for mobile.
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Secondly, Formplus helps you to connect forms to popular apps like Google Sheets, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox with just a click, Formplus integrates with these native apps to help you work the way you want. Thirdly, with Formplus, you can make graphs from form entries, and translate submitted data into charts using key metrics. Also, you can monitor form performance and specify traffic source and location with Formplus Analytics.
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Fourthly, with Formplus you can share forms anywhere. If you want to share secure form links to receive responses or embed your form on your website,  with Formplus, forms are responsive and can be filled from any device. Fifthly, with Formplus, you can send customized emails to the people that need them. You can also easily convert form data to PDF files and share it with respondents Finally, with Formplus, you can invite your team to your account, and assign roles and authorizations to team members, granting them editing, viewing, or sharing access. Source: Formplus website Featured Image Source:
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This article was first published on 26th May 2022


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