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Author: Sam Egube

Publisher: Marjiqual Limited

130 Pages

ISBN 979- 978- 953- 421- 0

Poverty is a state of mind that directs how the poor live their lives

Sam Egube.

The title of this book, Thoughts From A Wealthy Perspective, speaks for itself.  It delves into the mind of the wealthy, the successful, the optimists, the pragmatists, and exposes their thought pattern; those principles that shape the outcome of their lives. It also puts forth the thought trajectory of the mind of the pessimists.

This book is written from a realistic point of view, as the ideas and observations inherent are very much relatable. They are issues that characterize man and his environment; an overview of man’s social make-up. The book presents a wide range of issues and allows the reader an opportunity to understand the end of the divide he belongs to. It is supposed to prick the reader and stir him to action.

Again, it challenges the general social and economic orientation of man in relation to how he is and where he puts or finds himself. This book suggests an antagonism to comfort zones and excuses.

Sam Egube, highlights the importance of personal worth and relationship. He says,

Your true worth is equal to your personal worth plus the extractable value of your network. Your personal worth is the value already extracted from your network. What you can extract from a network depends on how much value the network places you, driven by what you can deliver to it.’

It suggests that a person’s worth is the value that can be gained by others from him. Apart from what others can gain from you, what you can gain from your network also tells a lot about your worth to that circle.  He goes ahead to posit that people should strive to shape the perception or narrative they want others to have of them.  To him, ‘value is exchange for value.’  He further emphasizes that unproductive relationships should not be supported, as ‘the earth is a marketplace where the exchange of value keeps relationships thriving.’

In the next chapter, Sam Egube talks about taking action, living your dream and taking responsibility of your actions. He suggests that people must always take initiative in every aspect of their lives. There should be no holding back as regards taking risks. Also, in order to take the required actions and risks, one should always pursue knowledge, because our actions are limited to what we know. ‘Increased knowledge means bigger and clearer actions.’

Furthermore, the author betones that each and every one of us has something deposited in us by God, and what has been deposited in us should be used to generate what we require. Those striving for success should know that the little they have is a pivotal place to start in their quest to achieving what they want. As focusing on the things that are unavailable, results into losing sight of what they have and eventually losing what they have. Sitting idly by results to nothing but weeds.

‘We must do what is necessary to succeed, not just our best.’


Nobody attains success or wealth in oblivion. Time and chance are very important elements to those who have succeeded and also to those who are looking forward to succeed. It is what you do with your time and opportunity (chance) that largely determines your future outcome. Every successful person always has a behind the scene experience; where most of the work, in preparation for success was done.

With the analogy of the ‘Bee and the Vulture’, Egube exposes the power of investment, as he sees wealth as the result of investment. Consumption is the culture of the poor not investment. Instead of seeing possibilities, opportunities, taking that chance or making necessary investments, the poor live a life of excuses. A life of excuses is a road that leads to no where.

A wealthy man is a problem solver, not one that complains about everything and does nothing about anything. The perspective of the wealthy is an upbeat and optimistic perspective.

If you want to have better digestion, and I’m sure you will, you need to get a copy of this book, Thoughts From A Wealthy Perspective and you won’t regret it at all.

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This article was first published on 13th August 2019


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