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If you live in this country, you’ll agree that there is no dearth of reasons to just sit on the floor, hold your head in your hands and bawl. Epileptic power supply, sub-par internet service, unemployment, terrorism and ridiculous excuses for leaders all combine to make life nearly unbearable for the average Nigerian. What to do? You can choose to give in to despair and walk around looking lachrymose, or you can look for the humour in everyday life. The Good Book says, “a merry heart doeth good like medicine.” If you decide on the latter, it is my pleasure to introduce to you The Sarcastic Center (Where life is too important to be taken seriously) is an exceptionally humorous blog run by three young men who identify themselves by their twitter handles; @terdoh, @TheGreyGenesis and @Sirkastiq. Although they occasionally have guests over, most of the posts on this blog are written by these three. The interviews, or OuterViews as the bloggers call them, are hilarious: Me: Right Sir, can you tell us what happened in the garden of eden with Adam n eve? D’evil: I hope you know I ruled the earth before Adam and eve came to be..Genesis explains that. HE told adam to REplenish the earth right? ‘RE’ means to ‘do again’ this means something had happened to the earth before and it was adams job to make it right again… Me: Yes… D’evil: I walked among men. Lived among them and was king over them. I had access to Heaven, I came and went as I pleased. (Isaiah 14: 16). I was an authority, I weakened nations..that was not enough…There was a first flood that wiped the whole earth (this was before adam). This was the flood that made the earth void and without form. Adam was made to start a new earth… Me: So you wanted to stop Adam.. D’evil: Yes. When HE created man in His image and likeness, it was the biggest Insult dealt to me. HE made man and gave him all of HIMSELF. I was banished from Heaven because I wanted to be like HIM. Me: Isaiah 14:13 says you were banished because you said in your heart “I will ascend into Heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God…” D’evil: same difference noni…notice ‘ASCEND’..for those doubting that I actually ruled on earth. I desired to be just like The Most HIGH v. 14…all I wanted, HE gave man (adam) just like that. SHIT!!! Me: Hence you planned to make man sin.. D’evil: well, I never force anyone to do anything. For all of you that say “D’evil made me do it” I’m waiting for you. I just suggest, ask questions, Twist the truth a bit…Adam made his choice, he listened to his ‘help’ such help she turned out to be right? Muhahahaha… The blog is chock-full of entertaining categories including Attempted Funny, Cool Stories of our Lives, Green Light District and Stories That Touch. You can also take quick political science lessons by reading the comical mini-biographies called Chronicles of Awesomeness. We pray for Nigeria. We discuss possible solutions. We encourage each other. Yet, with 8,908 followers and counting, The Sarcastic Center is proof that Nigerians also recognise that it is needful to take a break. So next time you’re discouraged by the condition of the nation, or simply feeling blue, head over to The Sarcastic Center. It’s better to laugh. Check it out!…Need it? Search it, Find it!

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This article was first published on 7th June 2013 and updated on August 10th, 2013 at 6:15 pm


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