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  The Naija Writer is a blog about the things Nta Bassey loves, which include Nigeria and her issues; Literature, especially fiction and poetry; Christian matters; health, and relationships. And indeed the blog’s categories are as varied as the blogger’s interests. Relationships, Reviews, Writing Lessons, Non-Fiction, Poems and Verses, An African Doctor’s Diary, Open Letters, A Better Nigeria, Outbursts and Rants, and of course, Fiction, are only a few of the categories under which the blog’s numerous compelling and entertaining posts are filed. Brilliant, heart-stirring pieces like “Don’t be Bioduned” and “What Goes Around” give you glimpses into the mind of a spiritually conscious writer. The latest post, Why I Followed You, leaves you in no doubt that this blog’s unique selling point lies in the blogger’s ability to articulate what readers have often thought and felt, but are unable to express. Take this excerpt for example: “-With a bio like that it was a done deal. Of course nothing says it better than a random sampling of tweets. -Thank you, following you saved me thousands in newspaper bills. My gratitude is boundless. -An act of kindness. Help for your struggling hustle. Alas, you didn’t appreciate this. Check. You have eight followers now instead of nine. -Mutuality. Who are you? That when an OverLord follows you, you don’t jog back? Ah! I know better than that.” Anyone who takes Twitter seriously will testify to having followed a tweep for at least one of these reasons! It is amusing to watch readers who leave comments address the blogger as “my brother” and “my sister”. It is even more fascinating to observe Nta respond warmly while refraining from making clarifications. And endearing, truth be told. Of the many reasons to love The Naija Writer, (think candid reviews, mesmerizing poetry, captivating prose), passion tops the list. Having begun a #PayWriters #NoFreeWriting #RespectAuthors campaign on Twitter, the writer-activist relentlessly draws your attention to the plight of the average writer, with subtle (or maybe not so subtle) posts like “Wake up Call” and “10 Ways Sex Work is better than Writing”. Surely, many have silently criticised the Caine Prize, but Nta Bassey is not one to be silent. In “How to Write a Caine Prize Story (Whatever That Is)”, readers aspiring to the shortlist are advised to “Choose Your Title Carefully, Two Words Max”, “ Break EVERY Short Fiction Rule You Ever Heard Or Read”, “Find The Western Angle, Flog It Till Your Readers Faint”, and of course, “Bring Out All Africa’s Dirty Linen”: “Pa Ikhide and Binavanga Wainaina have spoken extensively about this. (C’mon, don’t be lazy, google it!) Don’t dare to present Africa in anything but her shabbiest. And if though shabbily dressed she attempts to stun with her wit, courage or resilience then slap her, better still hack her with a sharp machete or shove on the forehead –DOWN! Dig out the most depraved and contrived of her vices. Turn your hungry cousins to urchins, your broke friends to beggars, your street kids to mafia men. Whatever you do, keep the propaganda pumping–Africa, is a country, one of poverty, stupidity, ignorance, corruption, bigotry and disease.” What’s more, we’re willing to bet you’ve never seen a blog with a “DONATE” button before. Yes, The Naija Writer welcomes donations of cash and kind, gifts that appreciate the time and effort put into bringing great writing your way. So, if you’re impressed by what you read, by all means click on that button! Or better still, click on the “HIRE ME” button for reasonably priced, first-rate Ghost Writing, Beta-Reading, Guest Writing and Online Tutoring services. Whatever you do, please don’t forget to leave a comment! According to this blogger, “It’s the air we breathe.” Check it out!…Need it? Search it, Find it!

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This article was first published on 14th September 2013 and updated on October 14th, 2015 at 2:49 pm


Joy Ehonwa is an editor and a writer who is passionate about relationships and personal development. She runs Pinpoint Creatives, a proofreading, editing, transcription and ghostwriting service. Email: pinpointcreatives [at]

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