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Naija Husband is a blog centred on interactions between a “not-so-typical Nigerian husband and his wife.” The blogger, NaijaHusband, originally set up the blog with a mission to change the image our society has of the typical Nigerian husband, one post at a time. He has since been joined by NaijaWife who adds even more flavour and zing to the already yummy blog. In the post “Too Much Book”, Naijahusband talks about their experience with the numerous marriage and sex books they read during courtship. Each anecdote is both amusing and thought-provoking. Take this passage, for instance; I don’t like being forced to read, but eventually I too got into the spirit (by force by fire when you’re dating someone like Naijawife). So I downloaded every free pdf and Kindlebook on the topic. Naijawife and I would email back and forth on the various issues we read about. Eventually we got to the point where she actually started getting worried. Especially on the topic of pain. It seemed like all the books had a different opinion on the matter. Some admitted it would hurt, but claimed it would only be momentary. Others took the view that it wouldn’t hurt for many women and that the bleeding would be minimal due to “early childhood activities like bike and horse riding”. (Clearly this was designed for a more active Oyinbo audience. The most my wife did as a child was play ten-ten. Which horse was she going to ride in Ibadan?) And then the funny pictures with their often comical captions just leave you laughing your head off. NaijaHusband offers posts in a variety of categories ranging from Relationships, Nigerian Husband, and Conversations; to Sex, Counselling, and Stereotypes of African Men. Recent posts include “What Are You Doing?”, “Too Much Book”, “Equal Partnership in a Marriage?” and “I Have Bathroom Beef” along with the highly entertaining rebuttal from NaijaWife, “Bathroom Beef Ko, Bathroom Beef Ni”. Here’s an excerpt: NH can’t deny that I requested 2 bathrooms even before we married. Yes, it upped the cost, but I foresaw plenty wahala if we didn’t have separate toilets. So we got the two bathroom apartment, married, moved in and I thought my problems were over. Naturally, I assumed he would branch into the guest toilet and leave me in peace with my own. But “love nwa titi” meant that NaijaHusband came looking for my trouble in my own bathroom. Sneaking into my shower in the name of love; jumping out again to save his skin. I didn’t have the heart to kick him out at first, even though his toilet antics hadn’t decreased with marriage o. I managed to tolerate it sha….but then I made the huge mistake of buying him an IPAD Mini. Biggest. Mistake. Of. My. Life. IPAD is the destroyer of romance. Ladies, if your man loves the toilet. Don’t buy him an IPAD.  He will use the IPAD as an excuse to double up on his time in there.  If you’re married or hope to be in the near future, I guarantee you will find this blog to be highly enlightening and informative; not to mention hilarious! Check it out!

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This article was first published on 18th August 2013


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