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blog of the week If there’s anything that a parent is only too aware of, it’s the fact that children grow up quickly. Indeed it appears that one minute you’re changing their diapers and bottle-feeding them, and the next they’re insisting on the key to their room and asking permission to date. How does one do a good job of raising kids that family and society can be proud of and grateful for? Filling up young minds with positive influence is the solution Helping the Parents proffers. Helping the Parents is a blog created by Olufunke Alawode, a mother of two energetic and adventurous boys. One of its main goals is “to actively develop ways to enhance academic performance of children, help them discover or develop talents already discovered by parents while grooming them into well cultured, responsible and charming teenagers.” Staying true to its goals, the blog consistently gathers resources parents and intending parents will benefit from. Highlighting real issues on raising children, building marriages, romance, family and relationships, it features articles written by the blogger herself, and others culled from other publications. Encouraging parents to pay attention to their kids’ after-school activities, the blogger emphasises the need for entertainment beyond TV, which in her opinion is not bad, but when continuously used to teach children violence and insubordination as seen on many cartoon channels, becomes a weapon of decay. Posts like “Healthy Snacks for Kids: 10 Child Friendly Tips”, How Your Children Can Make The Best of their Holidays, How to Adopt a Child, and How to Talk to Your Child about the news are just a few examples of posts many families would find helpful. The blog also features series like, “How Fast They Grow!” and “School of the Week”. The former presents photos of children at different stages of growth and has featured former child star Tosin Jegede, The Ekeinde Kids… while the latter is a review of schools mostly in and around Lagos State. Remarkably, the blog keeps readers abreast of local and foreign news relating to family and children, with headlines like “Parents Going to Jail if Their Kids Are Not in School” and “Edo State Primary School Teacher Cannot Read Her Own Certificate.” Of course, the wellbeing of children in a family is inextricably tied to the health of their parents’ marriage, and Helping the Parents clearly recognises this, offering tips for couples such as those contained in “Preventing Infidelity in Your Marriage.” Here’s an excerpt: ii. Your spouse is your only friend from the opposite sex For the man, cut the phone calls with other women unless it STRICTLY has to do with business or work and does not go on for long periods, no text messages either. If she is not your wife, she is not your friend. That means you should not discuss private matters with other women. If you want to talk to a woman, talk to your mother or sister. Keep discussions with other women, straight to the point. This means no flirting AT ALL. You might think it is harmless but the lady might not feel the same way. You are only in charge of your emotions. The same applies to women, keep a stern voice if you need to. Keep discussions straight to the point and brief. Like they say, one thing leads to another. You don’t want to start that ‘one thing’. If you’re a parent, or plan to have a family, you want to visit this blog as often as possible. It takes a village to raise a child, and many parents will learn from your own contribution, so don’t forget to participate! Check it out!…Need it? Search it, Find it!

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This article was first published on 21st September 2013


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