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  Media firms are now saturated over the globe compared to the old times when they were quite a few. This avails a huge number of options for media content audiences to choose from.
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To be relevant as a media firm in today’s world where media content creation is done by virtually every new-age user, there is a need to deploy effective marketing strategies.

Best marketing strategies for media firms

In this article, I highlighted the best marketing strategies I believe media firms can deploy to stay relevant in the media world.

Building Social media presence

People engage in stories they resonate with, stories they understand. They engage in stories they want to consume. Media firms should advertise their stories on social media platforms.  Social media houses a huge percentage of smartphone users in the world. By harnessing this information, media firms should invest some of their resources in building their social media presence. From platforms like Facebook which has the highest number of audiences in the world to Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other engaging social media platforms. 
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Relevant and interesting stories only should be advertised on the media firm’s social media platform to increase its audience base.

Influencer marketing

An Influencer is a person who can influence the consumption, lifestyle or political preferences of their online audience by creating engaging social media content, often as part of a marketing campaign.  Influencers are known, liked and trusted; that is their sure bet to influencing their audience. Thus, influencer marketing can help media firms gain people’s attention quickly. Influencers come with their audience, ready-built. All that would be needed then is engaging content once there is a massive audience available. Furthermore, influencers add authenticity to media companies. With just one post from a great influencer or an appearance of an influencer on a media firm’s visual content or audio content, there is noticeable traffic in the media firm’s blog or social media page or site or even view time. People will immediately become interested in what that media firm has to offer. They would want to know what in the media firm caught the interest of their influencer. 
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Keeping your followers engaged

As a media firm, the goal is not to have just a massive number of followers but a massive number of active followers. Most media companies thrive on long-term, loyal subscribers, which can keep acquisition costs low,  and keep your retention rates and LTV rates much higher. Media firms can send users newsletters through their emails featuring news curated based on their past interests. Strategies like this can increase a media firm’s engagement and retention rates.

Content Makeup

The most important thing a media firm should focus on if it must get more followers is its content. It’s not enough to release good content or educational content but contents that convert. Every content has its time and season. It’s left for media firms to know what content they need to create for a particular season and what content not to create.   By going through the trends, and most engaging content, media firms can know where to channel their productive energies. Featured Image Source: Alternative Adverts
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This article was first published on 19th May 2022


Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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