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Debit cards and credit cards whether virtual or physical are useful for making payments. However, It is not convenient to use a Nigerian Naira debit or credit card to make payments in dollars. Especially if it’s to pay for the services of international service providers like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, or Spotify. That is not to say it can’t be used at all but since it’s issued in naira, some of the platforms won’t accept it. Meanwhile, some banks have$100 limit for international transactions every month. Making it difficult for people who have bills above$100 to pay up.

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This is why virtual dollar cards exist. To make International payments convenient and seamless. One of the core features of virtual cards is that they are not physical, they can only exist within an app. Again, they are prepaid and loaded from a naira account or card. And can’t be used for any in-person transactions. They are only fitted for online purchases. Virtual dollar cards are easy to obtain since there is no need for delivery and delivery fee. What’s more, it saves owners from paying exorbitant service charges. Although they may be required to pay a fee when topping them up and a small monthly fee.

Below are virtual dollar cards that can help you pay for services seamlessly.

Barter by Flutterwave Virtual Dollar Card

Barter by Flutterwave Virtual Dollar Card: Youtube

The Barter app is owned by the fintech unicorn, Flutterwave. Barter allows you to send and receive money instantly as well as send and receive money from abroad. It can also serve as a digital wallet when you top up with money from a bank account, bank card, or mobile money account. When you download barter and sign up, you can create a virtual dollar card, used to make online payments on most websites. However, the card can’t be used for cryptocurrency purchases, online trading, betting websites, or money transfer services. It costs about $2 to get a virtual card with a monthly fee of $1. Note that there must be a minimum of $5 on your account to create a card. Once you create a card, you can load it with up to $10,000.

ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

ALAT by Wema on Twitter

This virtual card is operated by Wema Bank, an active commercial bank in Nigeria. WithAlat, you can get a complete package of bank accounts, physical debit cards, savings, loans, and virtual dollar cards.

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However, an account is compulsory before you create a virtual card. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up, and then create a card. Alat virtual dollar cards can be funded straight from a naira account up to $20,000. What’s more, you can change it back into naira whenever you want. The cards can’t be used on money transfer websites,

Fundall Virtual Dollar Card

This card is issued by Fundall. A Nigerian digital bank that provides several financial services to both private individuals and businesses. These services include bank accounts, budget planning, saving pots and loans. Again, Fundall issues virtual dollar cards that can be used for online transactions without barriers. The first card you create is usually free. And you can load a minimum load of $5 in it.

Bitsika Virtual Visa Dollar Card

bitsika africa

This dollar card is issued from the Bitsika app. An app that is available in Nigeria and several French-speaking African countries.

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Not only will it allow you to send and receive money in naira but also supports cedis, and CFA francs for other users. You can also use its visa debit card to make payments with cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. However, you have to pay a hefty 8% service fee.

Wallets Africa Virtual Dollar Card

TechPoint Africa

This card is issued by Wallets Africa. A Nigerian startup that offers a digital wallet with both virtual and physical naira and dollar Visa cards issued by UBA. With the card, you are not restricted to online transactions in dollars. However, cardholders can have to pay a monthly fee of $1, a $0.75 fee on every foreign transaction, and a 2% fee to load it from an external account.

Bottom line

Imagine what it will be like to want to subscribe to Netflix or Apple music but your Naira card did not go through. Worry not, one or more of these virtual cards got you. You can download their apps and signup to create your virtual dollar card. Note that none is the best. Rather you can make a choice depending on what you need to do with it.

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This article was first published on 29th June 2022


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