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Benefits Of A Simple Website Design


Website designs are one of the few things that less of everything pays in the long run. You might have a lot of information you desire to share with your site’s visitors, but you should be more concerned about standing out in the midst of the myriads of sites available online.

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One of the ways to get this done is to make your site as less complicated as possible. This does not mean the site should get boring.

You might get tempted to argue that you desire to make your site as accessible as possible by putting up all of the features your site has. This does not only make your site unattractive, it repels your visitors and translates into low conversion rates.

Here are 5 benefits of a simple website design

  1. A simple design gives a better user experience. It is very inviting and visually appealing. Then it gives the user the chance to unlock his curiosity, as he seeks to find things, he is really interested in. Once your website is too complicated, your visitors start to wonder why they are in it in the first place. They lose focus and get uninterested immediately. Taking the time to streamline your website will create a better user experience and serve your business better.
  2. Better mobile experience. People right now, are on their phones. There are higher chances your site would be looked up through a mobile device than a desktop. You have to keep this in mind, as the more complicated your web design is, the weirder it would look on a mobile device. The simplicity of design contributes to the legibility of the texts. It is easier to read when the designs are nicely put and arranged.

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  1. It gives greater speed. Your site is more likely to be visited when it takes less time to load. Fewer features on your site would mean fewer plugins and other add-ons that ultimately reduce the speed of your site. You also get the opportunity to rank higher organically, than usual, based on your site’s speed.
  2. It converts better. As the sole aim of every business, the conversion rates of simple websites are statistically higher than more complicated sites. What’s more? There is a greater retention capacity, as the other benefits highlighted in this article keep the visitors on your site for a long period of time. The best part is, it becomes clearer and easier for the visitor to see your call to action, as the site is not clustered in any way.
  3. It is easy to build. As one of the most obvious, and almost underrated benefits of a simple site, it is undeniably one of the best. A simple set can be self-developed and built based on your peculiar interests, taking the least resources and time. It also means that you can easily modify certain features on the site without any hassles.

To reap the benefits of a simple site, you need to adhere to the simple rule of KISS. Keep your design short and simple. No matter how tempting it gets to throw everything at your website in order to impress, remember that less is always more.

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