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By Uche Amonye   Beauty is all about the skin; it’s an essential component to good looks. When you see someone you find pretty, most likely she has clear, smooth skin. Foundation is a key item in a makeup kit. To ensure that you get your perfect shade and formula, buy your foundation from a beauty studio so there you will get professional guidance. OILY SKIN – Look for oil free liquid foundation and if you choose to wear moisturiser, use a mattifying formula. This will dry down the matte, smoothing the appearance of the skin. NORMAL TO DRY SKIN – You can use a liquid, creamy or stick foundation. Always prime your skin with a moisturiser before applying foundation and give it a minute to absorb. TO APPLY – Use a wedge (triangular synthetic sponge), your finger tips or foundation brush, start with less foundation than you think you need, it’s easier to add a little more later than remove it. Apply to centre of cheeks and forehead, blend towards the edge of your face to assure even coverage, blend gently and carefully around the nose and mouth. Foundation is also moisturising, which makes for a smoother, creamier finish. Set foundation by applying powder, this locks the foundation into place and helps prevent oil breakthrough.


Finding the perfect foundation is the number one most important thing. The right foundation should not be heavy or artificial. It should, in fact, be so perfectly matched to your skin tone and texture that it disappears. You do not see makeup, but smooth and flawless skin. If you already own or want to buy a foundation, try this test. Apply a swipe of it on your cheek; step out with a mirror into natural light  and blend, if it’s invisible on your skin, your foundation works, if the swipe is visible (lighter or darker), it’s time to get a new foundation.      
About the Author Uche Amonye is from Awka in Anambra state. Graduate of Unilag with a B.A English and also Masters of International Law and Diplomacy (Unilag). Trained by Ada Nwankwo (an Estee Lauder trained Beauty Consultant), she is the CEO of Visage makeovers (Est. 2005). As a beauty consultant, She caters for all occasions – bridal, parties, photo shoot, runway, gele, lash extension and brow waxing. She also teaches the art of make-up professionally. Contact Visage Makeovers on 08023364097, 01 8722246.

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This article was first published on 6th July 2012

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