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  Keko Africa is delighted to invite the public to its highly anticipated book launch event on May 25, 2023. This event, taking place at the prestigious Ebony Life Place, aims to commemorate African Day by unveiling a remarkable literary work entitled “AWARI: The Great Wall of the Benin Kingdom.” This captivating book chronicles the exhilarating journey of three inquisitive children as they explore the fascinating history and cultural riches of Africa, guided by an eccentric archaeologist.
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Keko Africa provides an innovative and inclusive platform that presents young learners with a comprehensive and captivating approach to delve into the depths of African culture, history, and language. “AWARI: The Great Wall of the Benin Kingdom” serves as a gateway for young readers to delve into the vibrant tapestry of the Benin heritage. Through the eyes of the adventurous protagonists, the book takes readers on an immersive exploration of the rich history, traditions, and wonders that the Benin Kingdom has to offer. From ancient civilizations to awe-inspiring archaeological sites, each page unravels a treasure trove of knowledge, sparking curiosity and appreciation.
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Embracing Diversity: One of the book’s underlying themes is the celebration of Africa’s diversity. Through the encounters of the protagonists, readers witness the mosaic of cultures, languages, and traditions that thrive across the African continent. The book highlights the importance of unity and appreciation for the multiplicity of African heritage, fostering a sense of pride and inclusivity among readers.
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“AWARI: The Great Wall of the Benin Kingdom” is more than a fictional tale; it serves as a catalyst for cultural awareness and education. With its engaging narrative and vivid illustrations, the book encourages young readers to engage with African history and heritage in an accessible and enjoyable way. Keko book launch RSVP
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This article was first published on 20th May 2023


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