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We’ve always been taught that every negative experience has a lesson attached and it’s true. But no one ever told us we might not “know” this lesson right away. Sometimes, the rhema of this lesson comes months after or even years. But our human nature wants to justify it NOW. We want know why it happened and of what benefit NOW! And because we are so anxious to “know the reasons and the lessons to be learnt”, the devil begins to devise a means to steal the good virtue in our lives. He wants to sow seeds of darkness and leave us with bitter lessons. Let me explain… some years ago I lent a friend cash to sort out an emergency. When it was time to pay back, she blocked me on social media, stopped picking my calls; and never paid back. The reason she did all these I’ll never know but I remember vividly how angry and hurt I felt then and the decision the devil tried – but failed – to force cunningly into my heart: Never to loan anyone money. Could I have done some things to prevent the “scam?” Maybe. But that’s not what God wants me to take out of the situation. His will is for me to give to anyone and everyone what I can and have. I am to love like myself and withhold help from no man. As long as it is in my power I should do my best. Whatever I have is to be shared. Simple. Whether it is appreciated or not, God’s will is not to be negotiated. Recently, I had to leave a project I had been so sure of and dedicated my heart to for months. The devil began to try to wrap me in negative emotions. You know why? He wants me to turn out a worse person because of the experience but he has failed once again! I refuse to let my virtue go and I am working with God patiently to bring me forth brighter and better from the experience rather than broken. Do I still know the reason? No but I trust him. Is it easy? No but it’s worth it. The lesson God wants you to learn from a bad experience can never be “Don’t love or give your best because people don’t deserve it”, “There is no point being good. Only seek your own good from now on” etc. Look deeper; the lesson is always enriching not diminishing or better yet stop looking and let God show you. Ask for his light to shine and teach you what you need to take out of the situation and if you hear nothing, still trust him because all will be revealed in due time. Just continue on your journey with him. Who knows maybe the only lesson God wants to teach you is to just trust him even when it makes no sense. You don’t have to know the why now, just trust the One who has the blueprint of your life. No experience is ever a waste of time. You’re being groomed, dear one. God is like a lover who wants to give his bride a surprise. He blindfolds her and leads her to his promise. While on the way he wants her to focus on the journey of trust and the promise to be unveiled not on anxious thoughts like “Why did we pass this route, Lord; it is stony? When are we going to get there? What’s the exact gift you’ve for me?” Every event is for a reason. You may not know the reason now but it’s okay, the Master Planner knows why and that’s what is important. He knows and he is fashioning it out for your benefit and glory. Have you been disappointed by a loved one? Are you struggling with hurt and have decided not to love again? Are you blaming yourself for loving and trusting someone? Are you on a rough path? Are you angry? Beloved, don’t give up your virtue. Be willing to love and trust again. God is taking you to a place of glory but you can’t appear there in rags can you? No one goes to a palace wearing rags because no one appreciated his royal garments at the gates, no! The people who appreciate royal garments await you in the palace. So arise, dust off the pain, hold on to your precious royal garments, trust God and shine! Have a great week.  

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This article was first published on 25th November 2015


Ejura Salihu is an Anatomist, Writer and Editor. She is currently the Editor-in-chief for Connect Nigeria. You can contact her via email: or follow her on twitter @icyquin_msc

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