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The African Development Bank (AfDB) is accepting applications from suitably qualified candidates who want to enrol in its Virtual Internship Program.

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This internship program is organized under the Bank’s Talent Management Framework, which is designed to achieve sustainable growth in five target areas on the continent: agro-business, energy, industrialization, integration, and improving the quality of life of people living in Africa.

The AfDB’s Virtual Internship Program will provide Africans currently enrolled in a Master’s Degree program (and those who have recently completed one) with the chance to learn how an organization like the AfDB functions, and how they can be part of the important work that it does.

Note: Applicants must be undergoing a program (or be qualified) in fields relevant to the AfDB’s work. They include Agriculture, Budget, Communications, Economics, Environment, Finance, Governance, Human Resources Development, Information Technology, Infrastructure Development, Internal Audit, Law, Private Sector Development, or other fields related to the Bank’s operations.


Persons selected for this internship program will benefit from it in the following ways:

  1. Get an opportunity to gain professional and practical experience while working at the African Development Bank.
  2. Learn from leading professionals from across the continent.
  3. Be part of a pool of potential candidates from which the Bank may hire to fill vacancies within it.

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The AfDB expects applicants to meet these conditions:

  1. Be a citizen of an AfDB member country.
  2. Attained the age of maturity in their country and not be more than 30 years old when the internship program commences.
  3. Currently enrolled in a Master’s Degree Program in a recognized private or public institution of higher learning, or must have completed such a degree program at most a year before applying for the internship.
  4. Provide a letter from their institution of study confirming that they are enrolled there, or a copy of their Degree certificate if they have completed a Master’s Degree program.
  5. Be fluent in either English or French (the Bank’s working languages).
  6. Know how to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; the Bank desires candidates who are able to use SAP.

The Application Process

Applicants are expected to submit completed applications and their Curriculum Vitae (CV) online. Applications will remain open until March 23, 2022.

There will be two internship sessions in 2022. This announcement is for the first one, which should take place between March and June. The second will be announced in April and will take place from June to December 2022.

If you would like to apply for the African Development Bank (AfDB) Virtual Internship Program, click here.

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This article was first published on 14th March 2022


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