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In today’s world, banks have done a good job of making the process of saving money more seamless for us and creating payment services that facilitate transactions. These systems, however, prove unreliable sometimes resulting in unnecessary fees. This is why was launched. is an online payments service that lets people pay and receive money using their phone numbers. Asides from payment services, it has also created several means through which Nigerians can channel their wealth and resources into the right investments.

The founder of, John Oke, came up with the idea after working with companies that were big on wallet solutions. In his words:

“The name came out of the number of times I had to create a wallet solution for my previous employers, most products we had had a wallet then and luckily the domain name was available.”

Through the service, John Oke aims to give the average millennial, who has tapped into the global economy, a better experience. He released a mobile application for the service on July 22, 2017, to further increase the service’s reach across Nigeria. The app provides services such as forex, investments, credit, budgeting and the likes. In simple terms, the service wants to enhance the way local and international transactions are done, save costs on all transactions, and provide quality customer service.

The lets you:

Manage & track your spending

Send money to local banks

Convert bitcoin to naira

Get a virtual visa dollar card

Make international transfer

Make airtime purchases and pay bills

Have access to 24/7 customer support

Getting The App

The app is available on the Google Play store at a downloadable size of 12.88 MB. It has been downloaded over 10,000 times and has decent reviews. It is also available on the App Store at a size of 54.4 MB.  Click any of the links below to download the app depending on the kind of device you use.



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This article was first published on 19th October 2019


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