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Lagos is one hectic city; it is crowded but you eventually have to visit it one way or another!  So it is safe to say Lagos is the bustling city of Nigeria. For every anomaly that exists in the city, something equally good always comes out of it. One of such anomalies, which every Lagosian dreads but has a hard time avoiding, is the phenomenon known as traffic congestion.   There was once a time when “beating the traffic” used to be a thing, but now Lagos traffic is no respecter of time, place, or schedule. In the past, one of the ways Lagosians would overcome this dilemma was to hop on a 100cc motorcycle popularly known as “Okada” in order to meet up on a meeting or event? However, this eventually became a thing of the past following the ban of “Okadas” on major highways by erstwhile Governor Fashola.   Fortunately, more ideas and innovations are emerging to bring some comfort to commuters around Lagos. An app known as MAX Okada has set out to bring commercial motorcycle transportation to the highways once again. MAX Okada is well within its rights as the Lagos state ban does not apply to bikes within the range of 200cc (and above) which MAX.NG offers.   MAX.NG is a flagship of Metro African Express, an urban logistics company launched by Chinedu Azodoh and Adetayo Bamiduro in 2015.
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How To Make Use Of The MAX.NG OKADA App The process of booking a ride on MAX.NG is similar to any other eHailing app or service you have ever come across. The process is simple and takes a short amount of time to carry out. Here are are a few steps below   The first step to booking a ride on MAX.NG OKADA is to download it from/on Google play store and sign up by filling in the required details which would only take about a minute or two.   Once you’re registered on the platform, you can book a ride by entering your pickup location and destination.   You will then be given a fare estimate to help you decide if you want to take the ride or not   Click on “Place request” and you will be matched with the closest driver near called “champion” on the app.   The champion arrives with a helmet and hairnet which you are required to wear to ensure your safety while on the trip.   And off you go!   Once the trip is over your debit card is charged and you’re sent a receipt. The fare on MAX Okada is based solely on distance covered and begins from a minimum amount of N100.   You can then rate your “Champion” and provide feedback about your trip.       Partner With MAX MAX Okada is welcome to partners and riders who can provide value to the platform and in return benefit from it. Intending partners (motorcycle owners) can join the platform after they apply and pass through a vetting process Becoming a rider (Champion) on the other hand involves a rigorous vetting process that begins with Psychometric tests   Getting The App You can download the MAX Okada app for both android and ios platform and begin your riding experience today   Featured image source:

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This article was first published on 22nd January 2019


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