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Did you know watermelon seeds lower the level of blood cholesterol, regulate blood pressure and treat coronary heart disease? Amazingly, watermelon seeds are a healthy snack option, loaded with nutritional, health, skin and hair benefits that many people are unaware of.

Nutritional Benefits

Watermelon seeds are low in calories, are a good source of magnesium (essential for many of the body’s metabolic functions as well as immune, heart, and bone health), iron (an important component of hemoglobin), folic acid or vitamin B-9 (important for proper brain function), monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and omega-6 fatty acids that protect against heart attack and stroke. The seeds are  very rich in protein, a very rich source of amino acids, contain a lot of vitamins as well as other antioxidants, which helps to reduce the risk of cancer.
Watermelon fruit and Seeds.

Health Benefits

  1. The roasted watermelon seeds are good for the heart. They lower the level of blood cholesterol, regulate blood pressure and treat coronary heart disease.
  2. Watermelon seeds are a natural cure for diabetics, effective in lowering the level of blood cholesterol to a certain extent in the case of type 2 diabetics.
  3. The watermelon seeds are packed with great amount of calories which provide rapid energy boost. Hence, they help to boost athletic performance.
  4. They are good for memory. They help in boosting and in sharpening the power of recollection.
  5. The watermelon seed oil is a detoxifying agent, has anti-aging effects, protects the heart and also the liver and has anti-inflammatory effects.

How to make make watermelon seed oil:

  1. Sun dry the seeds
  2. Press the dried seeds to extract the fine, yellow coloured oil.
Watermelon Seeds.

Skin Benefits

Watermelon seeds have antioxidants which fight aging, keep the skin young, supple, firm, and healthy. Watermelon seed oil is light and doesn’t clog the pores of the skin. It can be used directly on the face to treat acne, blemishes and early wrinkles. It also makes the skin fairer and smooth.

Hair Benefits

Watermelon seeds and oil promote hair growth, moisturize hair, and prevent  hair from becoming dull and weak.

How To Eat Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds can be roasted, chewed raw or sun dried and eaten later. The watermelon seed oil can also be added to your salads and eaten daily. You can also make watermelon seed tea. This is helpful in cleaning kidneys and in preventing urinary tract infections.

To make watermelon seed tea:

  1. Crush or grind some fresh watermelon seeds.
  2. Cook them for ten minutes in a litre of water
  3. Drink.
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This article was first published on 27th August 2018


An Environment Resource Management graduate of Abia State University with her Masters in-view, Chinwe is also a Columnist, an OAP, a sought-after motivational speaker and writer with special interest in food and the balance of diet.

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