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Travelling for a date in Lagos sounds fun. But in a new city, the fear of things costing more can dampen your enthusiasm. If your date lives in Lagos, you may be in luck with affordable ideas. But if both of you live outside Lagos and you want to add a date to your activities while you are visiting Lagos, we have got you covered.

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Here are some date ideas to consider:

Dance Class/Theatre

You don’t have to be an expert dancer to sign up for a dance class. There are line dances which are group dances and lots of fun to practice. Dances like the Kizomba or Salsa, allow for a little body contact which can create romantic tension. Some dance clubs like Kizomba, Nigeria, or restaurants like Smokey Bones, have spaces for drinks and pizza so you can refuel after dancing. If there is a dance show organized by the Society of Performing Arts, Nigeria (SPAN), or a theatre performance in Terra Kulture, it could also be a pleasant location for a date. It will give you more to talk about afterward.

Picnic at a Conservation/Nature park

Nature parks are also super affordable places to visit. You can buy food and snacks from shops like Krispy Cream, Pinkberry, Debonair, etc., and take them with you for your date. This is for those who don’t know how to prepare a picnic basket from home. Make sure you take cups, tissue, or a tablecloth to use when you settle down to eat at the park. Just remember most parks like Lufasi or Lekki Conservation Centre, have some animals like monkeys on the loose unlike in Zoos where the animals are caged. So endeavour to not spend too long eating or leave behind food unattended during your time there.  

Art & History Viewing

Galleries, museums, and art markets cost little for entry fees. So you can schedule a date to a place like Bogobiri House, Iwalewa or Nike Art Gallery, or even Lekki’s Art and Crafts Market and enjoy the scenery. The range and variety of things to see can be a great conversation starter to put you guys both at ease. If art isn’t your thing, a museum like the National Museum or Kalakuta Museum where history and culture are on display is also a great alternative. With the space of these places, you will have enough time to walk around and talk without distraction from food.

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Beach Outing

One edge Lagos State has over most states in Nigeria is many beaches. Most of these are super affordable for a weekday visit or a visit during non-peak periods. You guys can hang out at the beach, play with the waves crashing on the shore, have a picnic, and watch the sunset together. Lagos has so many beaches to choose from, e.g. Atican beach, Landmark beach, Avista beach, etc.

Silent Disco

Silent Disco happens on both the island and mainland, so wherever you are, it is a great place for a date. The mystery of where it is holding, and that it is a nightlife affair, adds to the surprise factor of the date. They usually disclosed the location after you have paid for the headphones. You can eat grills, drink cocktails while dancing, or listen to music on wireless headphones. The headphones have three channels with DJs playing certain types of music like oldies, Naija jams, etc. This is a great experience for couples who have been together for quite a while, not for those on a first date. It is the least budget-friendly idea on this list, but totally worth it to consider. It is also perfect for music lovers as you get to share each other’s music preferences and choices.

Have you ever had a date in Lagos as an out-of-towner? Share with us where you went and if you had a great time there.  


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This article was first published on 4th April 2022


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