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  There are a lot of reasons to transition between fields. It could be due to boredom, lesser pay or benefits, fewer opportunities to scale, rigid work schedule, inability to work from home or even lay-offs. Before considering a transition, a lot of things must have crossed your mind concerning the new career and how you will want the process to be.
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For some, it is easy and for others, it is quite tasking. It depends on the level of change that needs to be made. Either way, it is a very critical process that requires deep thought, consideration, and even professional advice. There are very valid reasons you could decide to quit or change careers but before you leave your job and during the transition, here are a few things to note, regardless.
  • Do A Skill Assessment

What are the skills needed in the new field you’re looking to get into? Do you have some of those skills at the moment? It’s very normal to have a few transferable skills in your skillset. They typically include soft skills like communication, emotional intelligence, decision making etc. What do you need to add to your skillset? Now, you need to tell what is needed for your new career. Do you need to learn how to code, use a type of software, create content etc? You can begin to take on these skills by enrolling in an online course, reading blogs and articles, attending webinars etc. As time goes on, you can begin adding these skills to your resume. Yes, your transition has started already.
  • Learn

As stated earlier, this is the time for you to read everything you can lay your hands on, concerning your new field. It’s important to map out a plan for your learning so it does not come off as just knowledge accumulation. If you have the opportunity to take on short projects, take them even when unpaid. It helps you learn faster and understand the scope of how the industry works. Learn the industry and understand its terms. It helps your interview process in future hiring processes. To increase your chances, attend the necessary schools to get the certifications you may need. Your education is quite important.
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  • Network

There are professionals in every field so reach out to them and get to know them better. LinkedIn is a great platform to make this happen. Engage with their content and follow up with them after a connection. Here’s a sample:
“Hello John, thanks for accepting my connection invite. I’m new to Marketing and Communications as a field itself. I’m currently taking a course on Hubspot Academy in Inbound Marketing and Digital Analytics. I have a few questions however, do you think we can jump on a 20-minute call this week?”
Some may decline, others, however, may be willing to offer a hand. They become your career besties as time goes on. Connect in person also. Attending conferences and workshops is a major touch point.
  • Leave Your Job

You really don’t want to burn bridges. If you have a conducive work environment and great relationship with your superiors, you may consider informing them of your decision. However, if reverse is the case, you probably might stall on informing them until you have a clear cut plan. Leaving your job will avail you so much time to work and learn as much as possible in your new field but make a plan for your finances that will keep you afloat for the time being.
  • Start

Yes! Don’t be scared to start submitting applications. Apply for entry level roles at least. Talk to experts, take on internships, meet with recruiters that can help you. There’s every chance you may get rejected but it’s a learning curve for you too! Once you begin, you will get more clarity on the way. Also, be prepared for endless questions from recruiters as they will be interested in knowing why you made a switch and also, why they should trust you. Transitioning between fields or industries can be very necessary but it is important to make your decisions not based on how you feel alone. Your long term professional experience, the quality of your life, your finances and others all matter when it comes to your career so it’s best you make your decision with all considerations in mind. Featured Image Source: Poets Quants
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This article was first published on 29th September 2021


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