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Being a teacher is one of the many roles that parents play in their children’s lives. Parents teach their children everything from the moment they are born. Nursing and crawling have given way to walking and talking. Reading and writing are comparable to riding a bike.

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Certainly, the list is lengthy. Instilling confidence in children, on the other hand, is one of the most important lessons you can teach them. Children who are confident as children will be confident as adults.

Here are nine ways to ensure your child’s confidence is growing.

Encourage New Experiences

Children should try new things, such as participating in sports or learning to play an instrument. They will benefit from the experience regardless of their level of success. And the experience of not being afraid to try new things will benefit children not only in their childhood but also in their adulthood.

Assign them chores around the house.

There are always household chores to perform. And keeping the house clean and tidy should not be left solely to mom and dad. Children can also assist in cleaning. Choose tasks that are appropriate for the child’s age. Younger children can feed the family pet or set the table for dinner, whereas older children can take out the trash or mow the lawn. Having these responsibilities helps kids gain confidence while also giving them a sense of worth within the family.

Acknowledge them for Overcoming Adversity.

Every child will discover, sooner or later, that life is tough. This can be a particularly difficult lesson to grasp. However, some adversity is beneficial to children. Your child will see that life throws up the occasional hiccup. Praise for how they handle adversity will boost their confidence, allowing them to handle larger problems as they get older.

Limit their screen time.

The internet has altered the way the world operates. Everyone, including your children, enjoys screen time.

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But being confident in the virtual world is one thing; being confident in real-life situations is quite another.

Don’t Forget About Playtime

Children must be allowed to be children. And sometimes all they want to do is play with you. Playtime not only allows you to bond with your children but also demonstrates to them that they are valuable to you.

Highlight Effort

Many aspects of life are outcome-oriented. For children, however, it is sometimes not so much about the outcome as it is about the effort. Children can control their effort even if they cannot control the outcome. Giving a child positive feedback on their efforts demonstrates that hard work is the only way to achieve goals.

Learn from Mistakes

Mistakes are frequently viewed negatively. Parents can assist their children by emphasizing the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

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Experience is frequently the best teacher, and mistakes allow people to learn and grow. Mistakes should not be associated with failure in children. Instead, they should acknowledge that everyone, including mom and dad, makes mistakes. They will not develop a fear of failure if they do not dwell on the error.

Positive self-talk

There are no better role models for young children than their parents. They will follow your lead. So, instead of the typical self-deprecating remarks that adults make, focus on positive self-talk. When you are negative about yourself, your children will notice. Hearing positive self-talk will give them the confidence they need to tackle difficult tasks.

Give them your undivided attention and love.

Parents want the best for their children in every way. What they require most of the time is what is easiest to provide. Love and attention. Not only do children crave it, but they also require it. Always let your children know how much you love them. Especially if you are angry with them. Knowing you love them boosts their self-esteem.

Reflect on your child on a variety of positive qualities you notice in them and share with them what you believe distinguishes them. Look for opportunities to highlight strengths such as humour, creativity, kindness, determination, curiosity, and so on. Parenting is the most rewarding job you’ll ever have. Using a few of these strategies will ensure that your children are confident.

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This article was first published on 12th June 2022


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