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The best part of a relationship they say is the beginning. But for it to be so much fun, some things have to take place, the first date, the first kiss, the first fight and so on. There are some rules that need to be followed, but take them as an advice to a better first date so the other first things can happen.

    DON’T BE LATE If you need to get ready for the date earlier, plan ahead. Some people take hours to get ready for a single event, some over book themselves and lose track of time and some just forget but the best thing is to make sure you place your date on a day that has enough free time to cover your getting ready and transporting yourself there. There is nothing as annoying as being late. And if it can’t be helped, inform your date so they won’t be stuck waiting for you or they can reschedule. DRESS NICE There is no excuse to look like a drab. Take this moment to clean up nice. Even if you are a slob every day, clean up! A lot of people want to show what they really look like on the first date. Ever thought you may never get hooked by doing that? Possibly so, use this dressy opportunity to introduce yourself to a clean fashion that can fit your style. Fashion, the same as change, is never constant. Dress mature, classy and elegant or dapper. DON’T BE TOO EXPENSIVE You don’t have to impress by taking a woman out to the most expensive restaurant in the world, something classy would do. Go somewhere you’ve been before, somewhere you know the food will not be a disappointment. Ladies, if you are in turn asked to name where you want to go, easy on his wallet. No need to impress him that you know luxurious places. He may look like he can afford it but the question is does he want to. Pick somewhere nice and classy, even if it’s not your favorite place but somewhere nice. DON’T CHOOSE FOOD YOU DON’T KNOW Imagine going to a French restaurant and ordering “Foie Gras” not knowing it is the French term for “fat liver” and you detest liver. Why have you done that? To impress! Order food you like, or play it safe. If you have never been to the restaurant before, pick chicken, beef or seafood depending on your taste. Do you not know what to order still? Ask the waiter for a recommendation. This makes you look classier than ordering something, wasting it and looking not so good in front of your date. Better yet, give the option of ordering to your date, if you are lost. You do not want to be in a state of “purging” on a date. BE OPEN AND FRIENDLY Your date isn’t what you thought he would be, try and make it work still. Be open and friendly, don’t be stiff just because they are completely opposite of what you thought. You do not know who you might end up with and if you are not open to understand someone else you may never find someone. DON’T TALK ABOUT YOUR EX My ex did this, my ex did that. You ex isn’t here so no one cares about them. Why are you talking about your ex in a potentially new relationship? Your date wants to talk about you, and if they like you enough they will want to later understand why you have an ex in the first place and then your ex can come up. But if you spend most of your time talking about your ex on a first date, at the end of your date they will know your ex more than they know you. And what does that say? Your date should be dating your ex. BE HONEST Honesty is the best policy. Carry that along with you on your first date. When you are honest it is easier to know if there will be a second date or it will end there. Do not focus on lies to impress your date because lies turn into a web. You will use one lie to cover another lie when the time comes you will eventually tell the truth. Than to complicate matters, be honest. SMILE A thousand feelings can be stirred up with just one smile. When you wear a smile you light up the room and it makes your date eager to get to know why you are so happy. Always be yourself, never someone else because at the end of the day, your date just wants to dine with you and get to know YOU better!

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This article was first published on 29th March 2012 and updated on May 10th, 2012 at 12:40 pm


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