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Christmas can be so full of routine activities that we often neglect or forget to do those little things that will actually have impact and make Christmas more memorable and fun for us, our loved ones and the people around us. We can change that attitude this Christmas, and to help you do just that, here is a list of seven things to do that are sure to give you a Christmas worth remembering. Love and forgive Christmas is a season of love and abundance, when loved ones come together in a spirit of togetherness. Learn to love and let go, you can’t share if you don’t love and you can’t love if you don’t forgive (let go). So forgive all that’s in the past and celebrate the present. Share with strangers There’s something about a gift you don’t expect, given by someone you didn’t expect it from. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate. Distribute food to people on the street or hawkers and traders within your neighbourhood. It could be something little and cute like mugs, shopping baskets, colourful stickers, beverage, boxes of candy and chocolate etc. You could also visit an orphanage. Spend time alone to pray and reflect. This period is a very sensitive one, where one can get easily carried away. Make time out to reflect, a time of ingathering, taking stock of all that has happened from the beginning of the year till date. Thank God for all and pray for a better tomorrow; the year. Change your looks They say variety is the spice of life. So why not opt for a different appearance this season; change your wardrobe and add a touch of colour to your collection. Also consider changing your hair style/cut to give you that total transformation. Several fashion discounts are available and you can take advantage of them. Visit an old friend This Christmas, you could surprise an old friend by visiting him/her; it could be a childhood friend, someone you haven’t seen in ages etc, just to put a smile on their face and catch up on old times. Such visits could be much more fun than you can ever anticipate. Indulge yourself a little What’s that “Perfect Christmas” fantasy that you’ve always had? Just do it. Go dancing, watch a movie, eat loads of chocolate and ice-cream, go to the beach or park, take a walk at night with a loved one, travel to your favourite location or visit your favourite relaxation spot, etc. Don’t hold back on that Christmas dream; make it a reality. Propose Now may be the perfect time to just tell that special someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. The season already gives you both a touch of euphoria and proposing could just be the perfect icing on the cake. Be bold; take that step this Christmas. Normal can be boring; why not jump out of the box and do things you’ve never done before? Have fun and stay blessed this season.  

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This article was first published on 17th December 2013

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