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Content is a powerful tool you can use to reach out and connect on a personal level with your audience. Good content can convert prospective clients into paying customers. Little wonder, it is often stated that content is inking. To be more succinct, content is the mouthpiece of your brand. The type of content you dish out daily will create an impression in the minds of your audience that will always want to look forward to your content. Whether you are dishing your content through various platforms such as newsletters, videos, photos, and written content on social media platforms, six unique questions will guide you in giving out the right and convertible content that can grow your business.
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  • Is This Related To My Niche?

Write niche-related content. It will be a great disservice to you and your business when you are always dishing random content. Today, you are writing on business growth, tomorrow you are giving medical tips, and next, you are discussing politics. The secret about humans is that they trust people who are experts in their field. They would rather listen to an expert or a thought leader than someone who isn’t known for one thing. A good example of a good content creator is Aproko Doctor on Twitter whose video content is centered on health tips. Social media is not a place to display a jack-of-all-trades attitude. You must be known for something, and you can do this through your content. 
  • Is This A Unique Viewpoint?

Another question you must consider is if your content is an expert opinion coming directly from you or someone else. Also, you must ensure that your content has its voice, which is yours. Many people make the mistake of trying to sound like other content creators. This is a huge mistake. There are many contents out there, therefore, you must stick to being yourself when it comes to content delivery. Take, for instance, Jim Rohn, Tim Ferris, Neil Patel, Brian Tracy, Simon Sinek, and a host of others are motivational speakers, yet their tone and voices are unique even when you read their content. This is how you should deliver your content. It must have a unique voice.
  • Is This Content Easy To Read?

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The next question you must ask yourself when delivering your content is its readability. One of the fewest tricks out there when it comes to content writing is the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) strategy. Content should have a high readability frequency. There are various applications for increasing the readability of your content. They include Grammarly, Hemingway, and so on. Your content must be devoid of grammatical errors and should follow a pattern. Every paragraph should start with transition words. Connect ideas with transition words. Titles should not be too long. Focus phrases should appear more than twice in the articles. Use active voices. Endure that your content does not have too long paragraphs, not too long sentences, and should be partitioned by subheadings.
  • Does It Create A Conversation?

Good content creates conversation. How can your content create a conversation? First and foremost, choose simple words. Avoid using all the words you would never use in real life, like “utilize” instead of use. Second, use the second-person voice. This is when you use the word “you”, putting your readers in the center of the conversation. Good conversational content tells stories and asks questions. Also, avoid passive voice. Use an active voice instead because it instills confidence in the minds of your readers.
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As a general rule, it is preferable to sound informal when writing your content. Conversational writing feels like a one-on-one conversation between your audience and you.
  • Would I Have Stopped To Read This?

Your content must have the ability to draw the attention of your audience. It must look very attention-grabbing right from the tagline. Good content is catchy. Therefore, your content must be able to create suspense in the minds of your audience. Your content must have the capacity to make your audience want to open and read it. 
  • Does This Teach, Entertain, Or Challenge?

The primary features of good content are that it teaches, entertains, and challenges the reader. Hence, when writing your content, you must seek to add value, that is to solve problems faced by your readers. This must be done creatively. You can make your content take the shape of a storytelling format, which enlightens your audience and as well inform them on how it can solve their problems or make their lives better.  Featured Image Source:
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This article was first published on 11th May 2022


Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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