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Something happened recently that made me decide to embark on a weight loss journey. My nine-month-old baby was sick and I took him to the hospital. They wanted to check his weight but he refused to sit on the baby weighing scale. He kept screaming at the top of his lungs till the matron came out. She told us that the simple solution was for me to carry him and climb the bathroom scale. They’d check our combined weight; afterwards, I’d hand him over to someone and climb on the scale alone. That way, they’d deduct my weight from our combined weight to get his own weight. I did as instructed. When they checked my weight, it was 98kg. I placed both hands on my head because that was my last antenatal weight. Obviously, I had not lost any weight since I put to bed. Anyways, that incident made me realize that I seriously needed to lose weight.

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When I got home, I told my friend, Omalicha what had happened. When I told her about my weight loss plans, she graciously sent me the meal plan from the weight loss group that she had joined. I checked the plan and I told my friend that I only wanted to shed weight and dying of starvation was not in the plan. She laughed hard but she agreed that even though it was effective, it wasn’t the easiest plan to follow. I consulted Google and I drafted a weight loss plan that would be easy for me and the other members of the ‘I can’t kee myself’ gang to follow. I’d say it’s effective because I have lost 5kg in the last three weeks. Below are the breakfast options for Weight loss:

Oatmeal: This is one of my favourite breakfasts. It’s healthy and warm. It is also low in calories but high in fibre and protein. These nutrients will keep you feeling full all morning long. It must, however, be mentioned that oats is both a weight loss and a weight gain food. Thus, what you add to it determines the role it plays. Since weight loss is the goal today, the perfect way to eat oats for breakfast would be to pair them with fruits like banana or berries and a handful of nuts. If you must use milk, go for skimmed milk.

Smoothies: This is a delicious and healthy breakfast option for weight loss. However, for best results, you’re advised to make your smoothie with vegetables and low-calorie fruits. This will boost its fibre content and fibre, as you know, decreases hunger. You can also add protein powder and other high-protein ingredients like nuts to promote the feeling of fullness.

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Moi Moi: This steamed beans pudding features in the most weight-loss food timetables. Nigerians love moi moi. It can be paired with oatmeal, pap, custard, fizzy drinks or even eaten as an accompaniment to rice. However, for weight loss purposes, Moi Moi is best eaten alone. It is rich in protein and fibre; these nutrients are associated with appetite reduction.

Yogurt: Even though I had always known of yogurt’s efficacy as a weight-loss food, I still looked askance at it. As in, only yogurt? But I went on to try it and I realized that its appetite-reducing properties no be hype. Anyways, the best kind of yogurt for weight loss is Greek yogurt. You’d love the rich and creamy taste of it.

Banana: Instead of eating bread and drinking the chocolate flavoured beverages as breakfast, go for a banana. This fruit has a sweet taste that will satisfy your sugar craving. It is also high in fibre and low in calories. This is what you need for weight loss.

Potatoes: This is another great food for weight loss. It’s low in calories; it’s quite filling too. You can boil them, bake them or even make a salad with them and they will still work perfectly to help you achieve the desired goal.

I’ll like to conclude with this reminder. Portion control is vital in weight loss. Thus, you are advised to eat any of this food in moderation for the best results.

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This article was first published on 1st March 2022


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