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It is the time of the year that you will experience directly or indirectly every year that you are existent on planet earth; it is Valentine’s day. People globally are celebrating love, some are wishing they were in love, some are hating those who are in love and some recently ended a love romance. Either way, the celebration continues and no matter what your status is, you should be part of it. There are so many negative things going on around the world and so much pain and hurt that people are going through. What better way to address this than by spreading some more love? Here are five simple ways you can do that today! 1. Tell the people closest to you that you love them– “I love you”. Such simple words yet hold so much power! We all love to hear praises, and feel loved so send someone you love, both family and friends a sweet text today. Tell them your favourite quality about them and let them know you appreciate them on during this festive period which celebrates love. 2. Give to someone in need- Love isn’t only for people you know, it can be extended to people you don’t know. Today donate to a charity, or give to a underprivileged person who is in need. It could make them feel love in many ways they haven’t felt before. 3. Smile– smiling is a way of showing love I say! Smiling can shift a whole atmosphere and turn somebody’s entire mood around. Smile throughout today and let off positive energy. In fact, smile every day. 4. Buy a gift for someone special– We all love gifts and must all admit it is a way to express love. Buying gifts on Valentine ’s Day is common, so maybe throw more sentiment into it this year. Carefully consider what the recipient trasues most and buy a gift that reflects this and that will last for many years to come. 5. Serve– Being on the receiving end of good service is an act of love that makes us all feel a sense of gratitude. Help out around the house, serve a meal, give a massage, help with work-load and make somebody’s life less stressful today! Make it one day that is selfless and about the other party, fo that is one o he greatest expressions of love. Above all, just enjoy your day and enjoy that beautiful unexplainable feeling and power that we all so deeply desire. On this Valentine’s Day enjoy and show the beauty we call love. Happy Valentine’s Day from Connect Nigeria! About the writer: Elizabeth Ayoola is a vibrant writer and spoken word artist who enjoys discussing an array of topics ranging from personal development, to social issues. She manages a spoken word website, as well as a blog about her experiences living in Nigeria at You can find her on Twitter @beepoetic.

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This article was first published on 14th February 2015

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