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Christmas is just five days away and with it comes the celebration of love and giving as Christ the reason for the season exemplified in giving Himself for the salvation of man. Therefore, one of the significant actions we can take to mark Christmas is giving thoughtful and heartfelt gifts to our loved ones. Giving gifts is not just the kind exchange of presents but deeper than that is the message you are trying to convey with them. How then do you choose a gift that sends your heartfelt message to your loved ones? Here are five tips to help you on your perfect gift search.   1. Personality: People are different and a gift that “trips” person A would likely not move person B. When we take into consideration who people are before we make the choice of gifts, the gifts we choose for them becomes more than a ritual act and the message we try to pass across to our loved ones is heard clearly. For example, getting a book for a book lover will be better appreciated than giving a book to an artsy person. You’ll pass your message of love better to an artsy person by giving them an artwork than giving them a book. 2. Likes and dislikes: One of the best ways to determine what gift a person would love is by reviewing what they like and dislike. If you know that that cousin of yours loves to stay fit and hates cooking, buying her a cooking apron will only get you angry stares. There are lots of gifts you can get for a fitness lover which will pass your message of love across to them this season. 3. Hobbies: Their hobbies speak volumes about the gifts they would appreciate. A person who considers all major sports as rough sports will probably think you are evil and inconsiderate if you give them as a gift a football signed by Mikel Obi. You can show how much you love them by giving them something that will help them enjoy the hobbies they like or give them something totally new that would help them discover new hobbies in the areas you know they will like. 4. Dreams: People’s dreams for the future can go a long way in telling you what they would appreciate yet not many of us consider them when choosing the gifts we give to our loved ones. Nothing says thoughtful and heartfelt like giving me a gift that reminds me or draws me closer to my dreams. 5. Wishes: I heard of a story of a little girl who asked Santa Clause every night in December for pink skating shoes. She felt it was beyond what her mother could get for her. You can imagine her joy when she opened her gift and it was exactly what she has been asking Santa for! She’ll probably know in a few years that her Santa was someone who deeply loved her and wanted her wishes to come true.     This season, let your gifts show how much you care about your loved ones!  

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This article was first published on 21st December 2015

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