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Days will come when you don’t want the stroke of that make up brush against your skin and you just don’t want to do or put on anything thing exceptional, but you still want to look beautiful when you step out. On those days, the simple chic look will serve you well. The simple chic look works with your confidence, some little touch ups and voila, you are ready to wow! Here’s how you go about the look: 1. It is okay to go out in sandals: For days when wearing heels is not so appealing to you, you can go on no-heel/low heel open toe shoes/sandals. Be on the lookout for floral, gold, nude sandals that will help complement your simple chic look. 2. Wear comfortable clothes: You can decide to go out in your sweat pants and a t-shirt or a simple black dress. Let your choice be something that you are down with, one you normally can rock and can be confident in. 3. Scarf it up: You’ve been letting your hair down for days now. I think it is high time you show us the full beautiful features of your face by scarfing that hair pile up. You’ll be glad you did. 4. Let your eyes and lips make the statement: Dash your eyelashes with mascara and highlight your eyes with eyeliner to make your eyes pop. For your lips, you can either apply your favorite nude lipstick or apply lip gloss on them so your face isn’t dull. 5. Keep your skin glowing: Avoid letting your skin stay dry to the extent that they break into scales. Keep them moisturized and glowing. Use products that are friendly to your skin. Do you have other ideas on how to keep looking simple chic with no stress? Let us know in the comment section below.    

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This article was first published on 23rd December 2015

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