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Growing a catering company follows a unique approach. It requires custom-made strategies to grow a catering company. Growing one is very expensive and requires meticulous actions if you want to expand your customer base and make more profit. If you want your catering company to be a delight, you have developed a repetitive business model and strategies that can guarantee growth. This article will teach you how to grow your catering business. 
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  • Offer Referral Rewards

A catering company requires a large customer base. To grow your customer base, you must develop a strategy that increases your customers. One of the best strategies is to offer referral rewards. A referral strategy gives your customers rewards, such as a gift card or discount, for each new customer they refer that places an order. To kickstart your referral program, you can email existing clients whom you have served. Ask them how everything went and if they enjoyed it. After sending this follow-up email, ask them to send you a new customer referral as well. Let them know their referral may earn them a reward.
  • Take Advantage Of Seasons 

Catering services are all about celebrations and festivities. If you want to grow your catering company, you have to take advantage of seasons such as Eid, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and other seasons. The best way to take advantage of seasons is to market your inventories long before the season arrives. For instance, start marketing your Christmas inventories in mid-November. This is the time to campaign your discounts and bonuses.
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  • Use Digital Marketing

A practical catering marketing strategy must comprise multiple digital marketing procedures. No matter the size of your catering company, you need a digital marketing plan to reach more clients. A good digital campaign increases traffic to your website and gets people interested in your business. There are various digital marketing strategies you can adopt. They include: 
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): The purpose of SEO is to drive relevant traffic to your website. You need to optimize your SEO so that you can rank higher in search engine search phrases related to catering, hence earning more clicks for your site.
  • Local focus: To increase engagement on your website, you have to use SEO by integrating keywords and phrases specific to your area, region, or town. For example, I can use phrases such as “best catering company in Wuse”. This helps your company pop up closer to the top of the results list when people search for catering in your area.
  • Grow Through Instagram

There are various ways to grow. Posting excellent brand stories and attaching quality photos and videos can entertain and keep your audience glued to your page. Studies have shown that Instagram is certainly the best platform for growing a business like catering services because it relies on stories and photo stories. Moreover, if you want to attract traffic to your Instagram page, you can run a sponsored post or grow organically by growing with hashtags. These days, there is a provision for posting your Instagram videos on Facebook Reels. 
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Hashtags are another way to grow your audience on Instagram. Using hashtags to grow your audience is all about uploading images and attaching popular or trending hashtags in every post. You can also encourage your audience to use a specific hashtag when they share videos, events, and photos. Also, it is crucial to add regional locations to all your Instagram posts. By using this geo-targeting, when users search for catering companies in your region, your company pops up. Try to make your menu items look irresistible in the content you post online. This visual appeal stimulates prospective clients’ senses and compels them to choose your business to impress their guests with their catering.
  • Reach Out To Potential Clients

Another way is to reach out to clients online and offline. For example, you can draw up a list of potential clients who are hosting one event or the other and send each of them a cold call or email. You can get this information on the internet by searching for forthcoming events in your area or region. Look out for the contact details and reach out to them. You can also reach out to organizations and companies such as banks, factories, hotels, public spaces, and co-working spaces to market your services. You can offer them samples of your products as well. Featured Image Source: Pinterest
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This article was first published on 9th May 2022


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