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Muslim faithfuls all over the world are excited as Eid al-Fitr is just around the corner. In fact, it is in a few days. Eid al-Fitr is an important religious holiday observed by muslim faithfuls all over the world. The holiday marks the end of Ramadan, which is the Islamic holy month of fasting.

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As muslims prepare for the holiday, one thing they look forward to is their outfit. Of the outfits commonly worn by Muslims during this period, Abaya stands out.

Abaya is a loose-fitting full-length robe worn by women, usually Muslim women. The dress is styled in such a way that it hides the woman’s curves. Just think of modest and stylish in the same sentence.

When one wears Abaya, only the face, hands and feet are left out, the rest of the body is fully covered. The fabrics commonly used to make Abaya are chiffon, georgette or crepe. Abaya can be made with any color of your choice.

In Nigeria, women usually buy the ready made Abaya though some still prefer to sew it from their fashion designers or tailors as the case may be.

This article will discuss five Nigerian fashion brands on Instagram you can shop for your Eid Abaya.

1. ewamide_empire

The fashion brand, Myde Luxury Attires with the Instagram business page, ewamide_empire is owned by the gorgeous veteran Nollywood actress, Mide Funmi Martins. She sells Abaya in different colors, qualities and designs. She sells both wholesale and retail and she delivers worldwide. You can check out her IG page to order your luxurious Eid Abaya.

2. abaya_lagos

Abaya Lagos is owned by Salihat. The fashion brand is based in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. They sell elegant and modest Abaya dresses. Their Abaya is premium and luxurious. They pride on selling quality wears and have succeeded in having loyal customers who buy from time to time, including female celebrities. The style of their Abaya is super chic.

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3. houseof_abaya001

This is one of the fashion brands in Nigeria you can shop for your luxurious Abaya. The brand is referred to as the number one online Abaya store. They sell in both wholesale and retail prices and have good delivery services.

4. thrift_bybinta

Thrift is a fancy word used for second hand items. It means that the cloth has been worn by someone in the past and it is revamped and sold to someone else. The fashion brand is one of the Abaya thrift guru on Instagram. They sell affordable Abaya thrift and Dubai Abaya. They have an online store and deliver nationwide. If you are working on the minimal budget and still want to wear quality Abaya and look your best, then you can check the store on Instagram.


They also refer to themselves as Abaya mogul or Oba of Abaya 1. They sell high quality and unique Abaya designs. You can check their IG page to order your Abaya for Eid.

In conclusion, when buying any fashion item online, make sure you ask for relevant details, like the price, quality, color, design, size and mode of delivery to avoid posting what I ordered versus what I got.

One unique thing about Abaya is that most of the designs usually come with a size that fits all.

Happy Eid al-Fitr celebration in advance to all the Muslim faithfuls.







Featured Image source ( Instagram): ewamide_empire
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This article was first published on 3rd May 2022


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