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It’s that time of the year where songs of jingle bells fill the air. The kids are on vacation and there is a general atmosphere of festivities. Christmas holidays are great for taking a break from our usual routines. We tend to travel to relax and enjoy ourselves but the tendency of being sedentary is quite high. So how can we keep up with our fitness goals as we prepare for the last global festivity of the year?

Engage in Creative Physical Activities

Rather than sitting down at home all day, you can include days of visiting a Museum, an Art Gallery, an amusement park, or even sightseeing around the neighbourhood on foot into your vacation. You could sign up for dance classes, attend events that involve dancing or run along the shores of the Beach. Also, visit places with an obstacle course like Lekki Leisure Lake or hike along a canopy walkway like the ones in either Lekki Conservation Centre or Obudu Cattle Ranch. If your town has a rock/mountain/ hill like Idanre hills, Mount Patti or even Agbele Rock, you can hike or climb to the top and come back down. Being mobile allows you to burn off calories without feeling like it is hard work.

Eat in Moderation

When you are fitness conscious, it’s hard to eat ‘junk’ without guilt but the Holidays are no fun without indulging. So rather than sticking to diets, focus on eating healthy. Apply the 80/20 principle – 80% healthy meals, 20% anything else. Go on a food tour. Taste local delicacies and enjoy the flavours of different cuisines. Permit yourself to enjoy sweet treats and make sure you do so in moderation. You can eat from a smaller plate to help control your portion sizes. It will be hard to not count calories or eat at specific meal times but if you keep Carb intake at a minimum, you should be fine. Eat healthy snacks like veggies, fruits, nuts, and protein rather than processed foods. Eat snacks when you feel hungry not just for snacking sake. Better yet, drink water or a smoothie and if you still feel hungry, eat a full meal.

Switch Up Your Workout

Going to a gym if you are not lodging in a hotel with one can be a hassle. Rather than sweat the small stuff, switch up your routine. Go bike riding around the neighbourhood if you are in an estate. Visit a park, like Oyo or Cross River National Park or even Port Harcourt Pleasure Park, look for an open space and do a few minutes of lunges, squats and push-ups. You can try using sturdy tree branches to do pull-ups if need be. Go swimming in the ocean or in a pool, it’ll work all your muscles in a go. The key is to make use of your environment to maximise the workout your body needs.

Give Yourself a Break

Sometimes resting is just want your body needs to heal and restore itself. It will reduce your stress levels. So stay over at a resort like Crystal Lake Tours and Resort in Imo state or Atican Beach Resort & Hotel in Lagos state and spend a day or more lazing around. Giving yourself a much-needed break from all your Cardio, HIIT, muscle strengthening exercises, etc. might just be what your body needs. The fun part of travelling is you get to be somewhere different doing things out of your norm. Let that concept also apply to achieve your fitness goals when you are on vacation.   Featured Image Source: Disney Aulani

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This article was first published on 10th December 2018


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