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Jewelry ought to be kept clean and safe from damage. How often do we find them peeling off and lacking its original colour? Most times, they are sealed off in a box and we forget they even exist. This should not be so if we care enough about how they interact with our skin and make us look when we put them on.

Here are four tips to care for your jewelry and make them last longer:

Store in a Closed Box

Avoid leaving jewelry wherever you like. Instead, arrange them neatly in a closed box/container. Constantly exposing them to open air keeps them vulnerable to heat and moisture which tarnishes them. This wears out the jewelry, causing it to lose its colour, shine and durability.

Wash with Mild Soap

Wash your jewelry with warm water and mild liquid soap. Strong cleaning agents might cause the metals to corrode. Use a clean cloth or a soft bristled brush to take out the dirt caught in the narrow areas.  After washing, dry them properly and store neatly in a container.

Do Not Scrub Jewelry

Avoid scrubbing them when cleaning. This causes them to peel and is not necessary in the first place. Instead, stick to the procedure pointed out in the previous tip.

Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you are having a hard time with trying to remove the dirt on your cherished jewels, try using an ultrasonic cleaner. You could buy a low-cost ultrasonic cleaner and carefully follow the instructions on it. However, an ultrasonic cleaner might damage certain gemstones and thus might not be a suitable alternative for cleaning specific types.

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This article was first published on 21st February 2019


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