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Uncertainties and worries surround us as long as we are alive. Living with so many uncertainties is difficult as many things are beyond your control; however, your mindset is the only way to cope with these uncertainties.

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Uncertainties leave you feeling stressed, anxious, and powerless over the direction of your life. In worse cases, it drains you emotionally and physically.

If you ever feel overwhelmed with uncertainties and worry, it is important to know that you’re not alone; as a good number of people are going through the same situation too.

In addition, learn to realize that no matter how helpless and hopeless you feel, there are steps you can take to better deal with uncertainties, alleviate your anxiety, and face the unknown with more confidence.

Some of these steps include:

Accept Uncertainty

No matter how much you try to eradicate doubt and worry from your life, the truth remains that doubt and worry will always be there. This means that resisting this current reality will not help you get through, recover, learn, grow, or feel better.

On the other hand, the more you resist and reject this truth, the more you amplify your problems because whatever you resist persists.

Therefore, the first step is to accept uncertainties, because it allows you to see the reality of the situation in the present moment and pushes you to move forward rather than being stuck in fear.

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This doesn’t mean that you won’t feel frustrated or disappointed by the state of things. It simply means that you’re accepting the fact that you can’t control everything. In addition, understand that things will unfold soon enough, so in the meantime, the way you treat yourself is in your control, so be kind!

Invest in Yourself

The best resource that you can contribute to the world is YOU. Therefore, you should be in a good shape and condition, because when you as a resource are depleted, your most valuable asset is damaged. Do not defer maintenance on yourself, you need to sustain and ensure that you are in a good condition.

Ensure you get enough sleep and rest as often as possible, and spend time having fun and playing, just for the fun you derive from it.

Furthermore, understand that some people are better at dealing with uncertainties than others are, so don’t beat yourself up if your tolerance for unpredictability is lower than others.

Go ahead and remind yourself that it might take time for the stressful situation to resolve, and be patient with yourself in the meantime.

Stay Positive

It is widely known that constant positive thoughts reduce fear because it lets you shift your focus and attention to something that is completely stress-free.

One of the ways you can stay positive is by consciously selecting something positive to think about. This task is quite easy when you’re not dealing with uncertainties, however, when your mind is flooded with negative thoughts, this can be a challenge.

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Nevertheless, think about your life and your loved ones, and identify one positive thing that has happened to you, no matter how small.

The goal here is for you to have something positive that you’re ready to shift your attention to when your thoughts turn negative due to the stress of uncertainty.

This task will help you feel more confident about where you’re headed, you’ll feel calmer and clearer about where you’re at now, which will help with decision-making and boost your odds of success.

Focus on the Present

Uncertainty is often centered on worries about the future and all the bad things you can anticipate happening. This leaves you feeling hopeless and depressed about the future and things to come. This thought alone can stop you from taking action to overcome a problem.

One of the surest ways to avoid this kind of uncertainty is to focus on the present. Switch your attention to everything happening in the present instead of trying to predict actions in the future.

By doing this, you can interrupt the negative assumptions and catastrophic predictions running through your mind.

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This article was first published on 24th May 2022


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