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As a fashion entrepreneur in Nigeria, you must know the in and out of Nigerian markets. In markets, you can buy items to resell, carry out feasibility studies, etc.

Fashion entrepreneurs that sell clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, hair extensions, hair products, nails, beauty products, make-up products, etc need to familiarise themselves with Nigeria market dealings.

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It is strenuous to shop in many markets in Nigeria because most of them lack organization. Except for a few very large markets, you might not see sellers of the same products occupying a space.

When going to Nigerian markets as a fashion entrepreneur that doesn’t have a specific vendor you buy things from, shopping¬†can be tiring and exhausting.

However, the tips below are to help you navigate the Nigerian market better as a fashion entrepreneur.

1. Make a shopping list

As a fashion entrepreneur in Nigeria, you should not go to the market without a shopping list. Make sure you have a written list of the things you intend to buy at the market and the estimated price for each item.

Going to the market without a list is like travelling on a boat without a life jacket, it is dangerous.

A shopping list will keep you in check. It helps to eliminate unnecessary spending. When you have a shopping list, going to the market will be easier.

2. Compare the prices of different vendors

As a fashion entrepreneur, one thing you will discover when buying goods and products in Nigeria is that the prices are not usually the same.

Mrs. B might sell her Lush hair extension for a lesser or higher price than Mr. G. Therefore, to save money, you need to compare the prices of different vendors for the same product.

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After asking for the prices, you can then buy from any one of your choices.

3. Confirm goods and products before paying

It is important to confirm the quantity and quality of goods you buy before leaving the vendor store or the market.

Being in the market, under uncomfortable weather conditions with sweat or rain streaming down your face can test your patience. Notwithstanding, you need to know that you are in the market for a reason.

Vendors can make mistakenly or knowingly pack incomplete products for you. For instance, if you want to buy twenty lipsticks, nineteen might be packed for you.

Confirming the quality and quantity of your goods will help you prevent loss.

Here are some markets in Nigeria you can buy fashion items from:

Ariaria international market, Aba.

Onitsha main market, Onitsha.

Balogun market, Lagos.

Cemetery market, Aba.

Gbagi Market, Ibadan.

Oja Tuntun, Ilorin.

Mile 1 and 3 markets, Port-Harcourt

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Nsulu Market, Aba.

New market ngwa road, Aba.

Ekeoha market, Aba.

School road mini-market, Aba.

Garki market, Abuja.

Karimu market, Abuja.

Wuse market, Abuja.

Nyanya market, Abuja.

Oshodi market, Lagos.

Aswanin market, Lagos.

Katangua market, Lagos.

Tejuosho and yaba market, Lagos.

Oil mill market, Port Harcourt.

Choba market, Port Harcourt.

Railway market, Plateau.

Kasoa Ndaji, Sokoto.

Kasuwar Barci Market, Kaduna.

Kasuwar Kwari, Kano, etc.

Knowing how to navigate Nigerian markets as a fashion entrepreneur will help your buying and selling easier.


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This article was first published on 24th May 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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