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Now that we know all the fun places to visit in Abia state, here are three major things every tourist must do there:

1. Go on a City Tour

A city tour involves driving around a town and some places have a lot of landmarks to see. For instance, if you visit Aba, you can have a one-day city tour to see all the development in town. Not left out are the popular tourist sites such as the architectural masterpiece of the Aba Temple, the Monuments at the Museum of Colonial History, and even go shopping at the Ariaria International Market. The entrepreneurial spirit of the Igbo people makes visiting their markets a total delight.  You could also taste the culinary prowess of this region from local food joints like the sports club at the Aba Stadium known for its Suya (Barbecue beef) and the Museum Kitchen at the Museum of Colonial History. And if you like caves, you can play Caveman as you explore the Ibini Upkabi historical site (also known as the Arochukwu Long Juju), the Amakama wooden cave (which is actually a hollow tree), or any of the other Caves in Aba North LGA. A city tour allows you to experience the beauty and culture of a town in one fell swoop.

2. Visit the Museums and the Blue Azumini River

There are many Museums in Abia state but what makes them special is the different artefacts and history they keep. The Okoroji House Museum tells of the different cultures in the region before the colonial era and the slave trade with the artefacts it holds. The National War Museum tells the tale of wars; from the traditional wars before colonialism to the Nigerian-Biafran war that rocked the South East. There is also the Mbonu-Emerem Museum of Art that showcases over ten thousand African artworks of the renowned Nigerian Artist Mbonu Emerem in Aba. And the Museum of Colonial History has cultural artefacts, artworks, monuments and relics showcasing the history of Nigeria. If history is not your thing, then make sure you find the time to see the clear blue waters of Azumini River which is a short drive from Aba. Not to be confused with the Aba River or waterside, the Azumini river crosses the borders of Abia and Akwa Ibom but it’s better accessed from Abia state. This Caribbean Sea-like river has majestic rapids downstream where it meets with the Azumini Hill. With the lush green vegetation around this river, Azumini River makes for a picturesque view. This sapphire/aquamarine transparent body of water is great for swimming, fishing, canoeing and more.

3. Attend a Festival or Event

You can watch a Nigerian Professional League Football (NPFL) match at the Aba Stadium. If you are lucky, you may see the Enyimba International FC at work. Or you can visit Abia State when most of their festivals and street carnivals are being held. Some festivals in the state include the Iwaji Festival (aka annual New Yam festival) held in August; the Ekpe Festival held in January and the state-owned Ugwuabia Festival. The hospitality, vibrant coloured masquerades and the air of celebration will make your visit worthwhile.

Do you live in Abia state or have you visited the state before? Tell us what your recommendations are for tourists who visit your state.

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This article was first published on 4th August 2019 and updated on August 5th, 2019 at 2:50 pm


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